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    Crazy how society sets men up to fail

    When you're growing up you're made to feel getting laid is the most important thing in the world

    99% of music is designed to make you feel that falling in love is the only important thing that matters in life

    Porn brainwashes you into thinking sex is everything and worth anything and it triggers biological responses to drive you into a desperate frenzy

    Online dating creates false scarcity of women so that after you get rejected over and over you feel lucky to have any girl you can get

    Then you got forever alone subreddits despairing about not having a girl all day to feed the idea that life without a woman is meaningless.

    And they say mgtow is a cope for losers when it literally saves lives because they don't want to see men able to enjoy life without a girl.

    And what do people say when they want to bring a guy down? "Oh you're a loser! Women don't like you!" As if that's the most important thing in life.

    And at every corner there are trap doors that happens to get swept to the side until it happens to you:

    Get a girl pregnant? Child support

    Marry a girl? Child support and or alimony

    Live with a girl for a few months who already has kids? Commonwealth marriage clause can make you pay alimony as well as CS for kids that aren't yours!

    I genuinely don't see women the same anymore. I used to see a beautiful girl and feel sad and think "man I can't even imagine what it would be like to be with her"

    But I see them as absolute traps now. Sure they are beautiful and alluring, and that's exactly how traps work!

    I spent The last 15 years miserable over frustration from women. I made bad choices out of desperation that could have ruined my life.

    I was an emotional wreck and I fought so much with my parents when they are the only ones in the world that truly care about me. More than any woman ever could or would.

    I'm thankful to God that he saved me a billion times.

    I'm going to spend the rest of my life mgtow and happy and taking care of my parents to pay them back for all they've done for me.

    Women put your mental stability as well as your financial security at risk. It's absolutely disgusting.

    New goals in life:

    Save tons of money
    Buy and enjoy nice things and trips

    The only way I'll date again is if the woman is old enough to not be able to have kids. I have a thing for older women so it works out well for me.

    I will never marry or cohabitate. And if she's trashy I'm out. Would happily rather be single than go through the bs I been through ever again.

    Also never seeing a prostitute again. They put me in bad situations as well that could have ruined my life and I don't like the idea of a woman profiting off my loneliness. Honestly I never saw one and thought it was money well spent. It was always a worse and my imagination can satisfy me better than any prostitute tbh.

    Also can't trust women. Ive had sex with girls raw who said they were on the pill, but they could have been lying and heck sometimes they can still get pregnant and I'd be done!

    Even stupidly had raw sex with a girl who I knew wasn't on the pill and joker/taunted if she got pregnant she'd come after me.

    I was naive and dumb I guess. But not anymore.

    I've taken too many risks and had a pregnancy scare twice.

    I'm thankful for the mgtow community.

    I genuinely feel like I have woken up from the matrix and it's scary to see how naive I used to be.

    Sorry the post was so long. It's been on my mind and bothering me and I had to share.


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    Re: Crazy how society sets men up to fail

    The idea of being a free man with freedom in life is an illusion. The world a man lives in is completely prefabricated by the societal norms, laws, and regulations that oversee every aspect of what we do. A man is never truly able to develop and become his own person because he is fed bullshit by society from day one. Be this, act like this, get money, get status, get laid, get respect, rinse and fucking repeat for the next 70 years of his life.

    To be alive today is very overwhelming. Iím not the least bit suicidal, but I can understand why some just want to check the fuck out early. Todayís world is filled with unreasonable and unattainable expectations. It seems like itís impossible for a man to go a single day without comparing his worth and value to what he sees around him. The toll that takes on self-esteem over time is devastating.

    Thatís pretty much lifeís tagline for men: Get treated like disposable shit for 70 years and then die.

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    Re: Crazy how society sets men up to fail

    Good post OP…You’ve dodged many bullets and live to tell the tale…

    I like how you equate the attractive women to being bait for a trap, I’ve noticed this as well…

    The thing with noticing this for me, is the women get hotter and hotter the longer that I avoid them. They also get pushier and more aggressive, and as they get older they seem more level headed and chill…

    For me, the patterns that I have noticed have stayed the same, throughout my entire life…Different woman-same pattern…

    If I catch their vibe first, I start off in control but the tables always turn, always. Then it becomes a war and never ends well, with me calling their shit non-stop…Then it gets to a point where I am locked into babysitting some broad that is always trying to deceive me…

    The juice isn’t worth the squeeze…Even when they are the ones that show interest first…They either just want some dick or they have a scheme, and we are the prey…Always…

    They have unspoken pre-meditated delusions in their head that we are supposed to know as if we are plugged into their bullshit hive-mind…

    Every time that I build my life up by checking off boxes of goals, I swear it is the devil himself comes at me in the form of an attractive woman…It’s like the devil sends his best soldier to sap my life forces…The one that brought me here, about ten years ago, has even reappeared in my back road, slinking-in-the-shadows of a lifestyle…

    And, like you said, women are just one of the traps, like a spiderweb, that are out to get us…

    A little nugget for you, from me: Your anxiety and stress and blood pressure will hit all-time highs, and stay that way, if you think any of those raw doggings may have beared fruit, as in children…I have 2 of those skeletons in my closet, and both women were scorned when I left them…

    A guy I know, who’s been in and out of prison most of his life for back child support, was just taken to to court and ordered to pay 17 years of back child support…The vindictive cunt waited 17 years to start milking it…She booked a flight to Mexico with her bestie, got liposuction and boob-job a few weeks ago…

    You do not want this hanging over your head, trust me…
    It is good for a man not to marry. Ė 1 Corinthians 7:1

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    Re: Crazy how society sets men up to fail

    And people wonder why I don’t participate in society and mock me.

    Sounds like a lot of stress. Be a man child. Run away. Life should be fun. This is lol boring adult stuff.

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    Re: Crazy how society sets men up to fail

    Quote Originally Posted by DangZagnut View Post
    And people wonder why I donít participate in society and mock me.

    Sounds like a lot of stress. Be a man child. Run away. Life should be fun. This is lol boring adult stuff.
    This is what I thought 18+ years ago and it inspired me to get "retired" as soon as possible. I never cared about chasing wealth, climbing the ladder, sitting in 8 and 5 o'clock traffic for hours, brown nosing at work, chit chat with boring ass coworkers, being a work mule for some woman, dedicating 70% of my waking life to a job, getting drunk on weekends to unwind from work, not getting enough sleep, etc, etc.

    For a long time I was retired and thought I had to have more like a wife and family, but now that I'm a few years from 40, I'm REALLY starting to appreciate just being retired and having no obligations. Hell, I honestly don't see how people approaching 40 handle the stress of full time work, the commute, kids, other family relationships, maintaining a home/car, having a wife depend on you for her happiness and all the other stuff we have to do in life like bathe, eat, brush teeth, buy clothes, exercise, etc etc.

    I'm convinced that the current expectations for people's lives is why so many people look beat down and old by age 40. The frantic rat race from 18 to 60+ takes a hell of a toil on us. Hell, from my time looking at online dating, I might say over 50% of people in their 30 and 40s are drunks or drug addicts.

    Fuck all that shit.
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