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    Consumer Based Society = Female Based Society

    Women will always be first priority in a consumer based society. By themselves, men don't spend unless whatever they are buying has purpose or it's a great deal/investment. That is...until woman enters the picture

    Retail store or shopping mall, vast differences in clothing sections and advertisements aimed at persuasion and manipulation. Ironic, the manipulators are the most manipulated. You can make the woman want anything if it:

    A) Shines
    B) Gives off a sense of high value or is validating (insecure people need validation)
    C) Makes them feel good

    Men are in denial of women, at least at first. Like a cat, she will 9 times out of 10, chase that string. Therefore, no amount of reasoning will help in her decision. Reasoning is a barrier. All reasoning is thrown away. If you let a women know that two items are manufactured in the same facility and the only differences is really the name, but they look alike, she'll go with the one that has been more spit shined. Every. Single. Time. Even if it is damaging to her or the returns are diminishing, she will still choose A, B, or C. After reading the story of Eve biting the apple, you thought "How could Eve be so stupid"...well, stupidity does not exist to woman if A, B, or C is met. She will seriously think of taking a dump on her chest if it means a lavish lifestyle (Dubai porta potties)

    No religion or belief system can alter this behavior but only the men who put their foot on the neck of it by rude display of consequence. She believe in God? Pfft, she believes more in that Mercedes, BMW, lulu lemon yoga pants, and diamonds. Diamonds are forever, not a diamond is forever. More and more diamonds. Out of all the colors in the sky, she has green on her mind. God to woman is only an abstract being meant to give them what they want. She's even entitled to God's forgiveness how about that. I won't even get started on the modern church.

    Doesn't matter where she comes from. Whatever it may be, she wants the best of it. Trailer park, suburbs, apartment in midtown/downtown, or a million dollar mansion. She is willing to trade up anything even dignity. No matter the debt or bankruptcies financially or morally

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    Re: Consumer Based Society = Female Based Society

    Men think about what they want, they do research, find the best price, and then buy it only when they know they can afford it. Women, on the other hand, impulse buy virtually everything they own.
    This is why society is in a slow panic with MGTOW. If men avoid relationships, the transfer of money from men to women slows down. That means that consumerism slows down with it. Society needs men to keep forking their hard earned and taxed money over to women so they can spend it on all kinds of bullshit.
    I suspect that the Chamber of Commerce is one of the leading entities working hard behind the scenes to vilify MGTOW for this exact purpose.

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    Re: Consumer Based Society = Female Based Society

    I can see why men that aren’t pursuing women are horrible for business. We will spend money but it will be in very focused areas like guitars, guns, fishing, and other hobbies.

    Men that are pursuing women including married men will spend far more money. About all the married couples I see are trying to keep up with the Jones’s and make people envy their “fairytale romance”. It’s hard to believe how much money some of the married couples I know spend…a single vacation can be $15k. And heck, a wedding in itself fast tracks people to living in debt as many people spend $30k+ on that event alone + $10k+ on a honeymoon. Throw in kids/pets and men pursuing/maintaining women is probably the biggest business on the face of the planet.

    The blue pilled single men are buying whatever they think will get them some attention from women. Clothes, shoes, cars, watches, dates, etc. But yeah, I can see why the vast majority of people would hate any philosophy that supports men not playing the game.

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    Re: Consumer Based Society = Female Based Society

    No doubt you guys are correct. How many home shopping channels are there? What do they sell 99% of the time? Jewelry, women's clothes, cosmetics. It's not just that women buy lots of stuff, they buy stuff that has huge profit margins. Get a slave to make a purse for $2.60 and sell it with a Coach tag on it for $600. Perfume, cosmetics...all sold with the promise of making a woman more attractive and adding to status. Probably costs pennies to make and sold at ridiculous markups. If you think about it, MGTOW is downright dangerous to so many companies that sell consumer goods. Almost all of them-if you're not selling beer, guns or men's clothing, you're catering to women. I wouldn't put it past Visa to put hits out on all of us.

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    Re: Consumer Based Society = Female Based Society

    I knew a spoiled TexMex gal who had an Eastern European semi-Mafioso boyfriend, he was a smuggler.

    She opined she wanted some Gucci back in the early 90s, so he got her some Gucci gear.

    She was mad. Because she wanted the paper bag with "Gucci" on it, like you got in the "Real" Gucci Store.

    Anyway, that juice was NOT worth the squeeze, per a mutual friend: "She just laid there and squealed like a pig."

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