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    Cancel culture is masked fascism.

    Been thinking about this alot with the recent debate about how on twitter you have a mob of angry far left democrats trying to cancel the company walgreens because they made a smart business decision to literally not sell recently approved by the FDA abortion pills in certain conservative states where it is illegal with fears of getting sued...

    Yes, abortion pills not plan b, but rx prescribed pills where mid-pregnancy, a woman can just go to the store and pop them to initiate an abortion.

    Now you have democratic influencers and politicians calling for a boycott of walgreens.

    Like this guy^

    The ceo of walgreens is a black democratic woman from Detroit with two daughters too... so as we see the left doesn't care if they hurt their own base or allies as long as they get to their desired agenda pushed.

    Truth is. You will always be canceled until you are literally a direct member of the root of the far left pushing all of this.

    They don't care about the jobs lost, the money or support you give them. You can't win with extremism far left or right both will end up consuming too many innocent lives in the process.

    Minority women, and men will be hurt & used until they can't anymore all the way until you get the root members in positions of power which most likely would be transgenders. When the last time a transgender democrat was canceled?

    Literally every other person has been canceled except this specific classification/member of society.

    It's a covert operation of their fascist agenda to get the root members in positions of power.
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    Re: Cancel culture is masked fascism.

    The bints and the leftists doth protest too much.

    Women have lots of birth control options; men don't. Terminating a fetus after the fact because a woman couldn't be bothered to use any of them when banging Chad or Tyrone is not a legitimate type of birth control. Pharmacies have to follow the laws in their states. The abortion pills might be legal as far as federal approval, but states can still ban them.

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    Re: Cancel culture is masked fascism.

    They can't cancel Walgreens.

    Walgreens has deals with hospitals directly which allow them to send medication and supplies directly from manufacturer - with the price tag at retail. So the hospital board makes a cut and Walgreens gets a good payday and a secure contract.
    Nobody is cancelling Wallgreens because when the leftists and hoes need their Seroquel and Prozac, they need all the supply they can get. (I wish they would take them all at once, one a day isn't enough.)

    From my perspective as a biracial black man from the Caribbean, "cancel culture" is a way for illiterate (mostly black) Americans to pretend like they're doing something with their lives by demanding what they don't like gets removed. Spectator activism. They actually think they have some sort of power. They'll quickly realize, just like with Balenciaga, that there are some things they cannot control and wish gets erased.
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    Re: Cancel culture is masked fascism.

    Cancel culture only carries the power it does because it is not equally combated. If people would actually take a stance against it rather than give in to the fear of being cancelled the movement would quickly lose momentum. It seems like we are seeing tiny specks of that now with more pushback against the alphabet community, particularly the trans nutcases.

    It still needs a hell of a lot of work, but society growing a backbone would suppress a lot of the far left’s delusional thirst for power and controlling the narrative.

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