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    Boxable Casita for a man going his own way

    A bit pricey but I think with time and lowered cost it's a perfect purchase, one I think befits a MGTOW lifestyle. My guess is most mgtow are minimalists. Just something I came across and thought I'd share.

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    Re: Boxable Casita for a man going his own way

    Where you going to find a lot small enough for that thing? And buying more acreage than you need would kind of reduce the savings, wouldn't it?

    Not a bad idea though. Might not be that pricy either. Real estate here was flat on it's ass for a long time, but has recently went crazy. Wore out shacks go for way more than 50K, and don't have anything for furnishings.

    Wouldn't be big enough for me, unless a garage came with it.
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    Re: Boxable Casita for a man going his own way

    I continue to try to be more "minimalist" but I fail. Either way, still trying to be minimalist results in a better life still, because I periodically purge all the old bullshit senseless stuff from home and garage. It tends to accumulate if you have TONS of hobbies and tools. I'm always saving little bits, hardware and parts for the odd project or repair. My tools alone could fill a 500sq ft room easy.

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