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Thread: Blue People?

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    Re: Blue People?

    Quote Originally Posted by AdTheBad View Post
    How about a tribal gathering MGTOW cycle tour of Ireland with Woad?
    What an idea! A group of MGTOW Woad Warriors touring the land scaring women and little children.

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    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin

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    Re: Blue People?

    My war paint comes in only one tone (drab) and basically three colors, olive drab, green drab, and flat black. That blue shit will get you KILLED (Mexico's blue agave plantations not withstanding).

    City rioters wouldn't last a NY minute around here! They'd swear the forest has blood thirsty ghosts!

    MGTOW, defined:

    A place and time (where and when) the road to modern man's perdition ends abruptly and permanently.

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    Re: Blue People?

    People in blue sounds like a new word for the boy's in blue . Boy's in blue ment cops here once but its rare to here that said in this time . If there was lots of cops on the road for example you would say (The boy's in blue are out in force today).

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