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    Bill Maher Explains Why He Never Got Married

    Read the comments. Read the posts by the men regretting that they never woke up or didn't wake up in time. Read the posts by the men that regretted wasting their time and energy chasing women. My favorite posts are by the men who were bright enough to see through the con early on. I envy such men deeply. The contrast between Stern and Maher couldn't be more stark.

    No woman is more beautiful than your freedom.

    MGTOW Saves
    Sex is the bait. Marriage is the trap. Divorce rape is the goal.

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    Re: Bill Maher Explains Why He Never Got Married

    I like the part towards the end where he talks about money and how he prefers time. How people ask him how he bought into The Mets and he basically says he has a simple life. He hasn't had wives or kids, no "stupid hobbies or collections", no overheads etc.

    I can relate to that. I do have some interests but I watch the people I work with and they spend so much money on stupid shit, they can spend their first few hours of pay easily just on getting to work, parking, fuel, buying coffee and lunch etc Not to mention they then spend on their kids, wives, divorces etc

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    Re: Bill Maher Explains Why He Never Got Married

    I can relate to what he said. I was basically retired by my early 30s. Yeah I had to invest well but probably the main reasons…I had no expensive hobbies, no drugs, no alcohol, no wife, no expensive vacations, no expensive tastes in clothes or food, etc, etc. Just a simple life.

    The guys that spent 18-35 trying to impress women did the opposite of that. They wined and dined the ladies, tried to impress them with their possessions or hobbies and most ended up married with several kids which made life even more expensive. That also means working until they are 70+ to provide for the family…or more then likely getting divorced raped and paying alimony/child support. Many get taken to the cleaners by 2 or 3 marriages by age 50 (my brother being one).

    I couldn’t imagine getting divorce raped at 40+, losing most of my money and knowing I had to work a full time job for another 30 years or more. Damn. The fear of stuff like that happening is what kept me from pulling the trigger on marriage.

    Funny thing…in my mid 20s I was at Taco Bell with my then GF and the older black man around 55 working the register heard us talking about how we were splitting the bill…he smiled and said “he’s gonna be rich one day”. That man was prophetic! Or maybe he had taken another path?

    Marriage can sound good in theory or when you see some 85+ yr old couple, but the game has completely changed in ways those old couples can’t fully understand. It’s not a good gamble and most of the women after age 24-25 now have a lot of mileage on them.

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    Re: Bill Maher Explains Why He Never Got Married

    Maher is functionally a MGTOW. He'd probably reject the label, if he knows what it means. But the label would still apply.

    Same thing with Henry Rollins too. He was on Rogan ages ago and he talked at length about his life philosophy. He avoids ALL kinds of relationships (including friendships), except for business relationships which MUST exist in order for him to do his job. But otherwise, his waking hours are solely dedicated to his purpose. Rollins is many things and I could see if he's not everybody's cup of tea. But he's a MGTOW in everything but official name.

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