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    Autisitic Genius Attacked by Feminazis? And Then They Came For Richard Stallman ...

    "I was there, outside the Chinese restaurant, when Richard Stallman screamed and began to run from the raindrops.It was early in 2001 and I was at MIT …
    Dealing with GNU/Linux meant dealing with Richard Stallman, the eccentric genius who had guided the creation of pretty much everything but the Linux kernel itself. I say “eccentric”, but what I’m really saying is that Stallman is mentally ill. I don’t know the correct words to describe that illness, but it manifests itself in dozens of different ways, from extreme hydrophobia (fear of water!) to various disturbing habits of phraseology, communication, and physical behavior. Nobody who knows Stallman thinks he is sane. By the same token, nobody would doubt his intelligence. …
    Stallman agreed to eat dinner with me on the condition that he be permitted to order my meal and that I eat the whole thing without complaint.

    The meal was an utter nightmare, of course. Everything he picked had the texture, and taste, of Jell-O made from dog vomit. I told myself that if G. Gordon Liddy could burn his own finger down to the tendon that I could finish a five-course “authentic” Chinese meal. Having done so, I managed to extract some absolutely brilliant ideas from him about software design and programming principles. “Come back to my office,” he suggested, and we headed out to walk over towards the MIT Media Lab. About ninety seconds into our walk, it started to rain. Just a light sprinkling, not build-the-ark stuff. Stallman screamed like a teenage girl, pulled his dashiki (yes!) over his head, and ran in waddling fashion towards MIT...

    I mention all of this so you know precisely the sort of person who is in the middle of being crucified for “defending Epstein’s rape island” by his institutional rivals.… Perhaps it’s because Mr. Epstein had a full list of powerful and notable friends. One of those friends, apparently, was MIT artifical-intelligence savant Marvin Minsky, who is alleged to have had sex with a 17-year-old girl on the island.

    When asked to give his thoughts on the matter, Stallman responded like any 110-octane autism-spectrum genius would: by questioning the terminology involved.
    He suggested that the correct word for Minsky’s alleged statutory rape was not “sexual assault”, noting that
    Minsky had no way to know the girl was 17, not 18 ;b) she had been coerced by Epstein out of Minsky’s presence and might well have appeared to be entirely willing.
    In true Stallman fashion, this was
    a) absolutely correct from a logical perspective;b) mind-blowingly stupid from a perspective of The Current Year.(of the Feminazi)...
    Naturally, our society has decided to crucify him. A young woman with an axe to grind has instigated a lynch mob through an astoundingly ill-conceived and illogical bit of emotionally dependent rhetoric:There are so many things wrong with what Richard Stallman said I hardly know where to begin…"

    Full article:

    Sounds like someone needs to send Mr. Stallman a link to this website - he needs immediate counseling on how to handle a feminazi attack on his job for the crimes of free speech at a college and defending an accused man from the hysterical feminist lynch mob . . .
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    Re: Autisitic Genius Attacked by Feminazis? And Then They Came For Richard Stallman ...

    Good article and point, I wonder why so much emphases is not put on the rash of female teachers that have sex (statutory rape) with their students (boys)?

    Is it gender, or is it the law that determines rape? I'm beginning to think it's both! As men we've been criminalized and villanized countless times a day for more than half a century, now we don't stand a chance outside of ghosting and preempted evasion.

    We are displaced refugees in a society long engaged in a gender war on men and boys. FACT!

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