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    Re: are we headed for a wacko totalitarian breeding program?

    Quote Originally Posted by RedPilledSimp View Post
    That's an amazing religious POV. Personally I don't believe in any "holy book" describing "the truth." But I do like the texts pointing towards the truth. What I'm saying is: I don't believe God is a guy in a dress, watching me jerk off (to quote TFM). Nor do I believe Satan is an "entity." As I see it: those made up entities are being used to get rid off one's own responsibility. I see the bible (f.e.) as a metaphor of all the good and bad things humans are capable of doing. Your described Karens use the same MO: "it wasn't me, it was Satan/ God/ the flying spaghetti monster's will"

    And as I see this all: it's coming from literally the oldest trick in the book: divide and conquer. Or: "us vs them." And that is still working like a charm. Even here.
    The only dividing and conquering deemed legitimate in my book is the dividing and conquering within a man himself at war with his own demons and not everyone else's, and I too don't believe in a spaghetti monster in the sky, I believe in something else...
    Before any awakening there's anger, resentment, and confusion.

    Afterward there's indifference, confidence, wisdom, and peace.

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    Re: are we headed for a wacko totalitarian breeding program?

    Quote Originally Posted by ScrewJita View Post
    It was for money. In other words "property and control" (which are the things that I feel women truly value most.) A big part of the current societal disruption is a result of social media algorithms, believe it or not. Back around 2008, when facebook was new, media outlets were trying to find the way to get the most Likes & Shares, and what consistently got the most attention and interaction was political outrage. So they started manufacturing outrage, usually with a title including as many keywords as possible, in order to try and got viral and make a few $$. That was bad enough, but when they started getting donations from corporations and non-profits and users, it all meshed into an abomination of money swirling from one non-profit to another to another to another. And this had an effect on users.

    The consistent exposure to Outrage Media ended up creating a sort of "pop culture radicalization" in which people espoused talking points without thinking about where they came from, or what the effect was. This is Virtue Signaling, with people trying to establish a sort of "Activism Street Cred" among their peer groups. I've seen it happen in the manosphere too, and it seems to be endemic to the human species. People want to be valued, and try to make themselves valuable among their social groups. It's just part of the social instinct.

    Twelve years later, of people constantly exposed to Outrage Culture, and you get some pretty odd tribalistic behaviours. The truth is, that MOST people are political moderates by nature, but many have been molded by peer groups and tabloid media to be radical in outlook (and appearance, in case you haven't noticed.) Alot of the Intersectional Feminism and activism that we rail against is nothing more than a fad, in my opinion. Eventually the activist class get older, get tired, and try to get on with life. It happened to me. It's called Activism Fatigue, when a person gets so mentally and physically exhausted that they sink into a depression as their very bodies DEMAND rest.

    There was a truism among conservatives (and general grown-ups) that the radical activism would "stay at the colleges", because once people graduate and move away from their activist peers, the impetus to go out and raise hell would fade. And it was true, from basically the 60's to the 2000's. Then enter social media and the outrage industry. Suddenly these people were bombarded with reinforcement from the outlet of their choice. Outrage was just a button-click away. So the activism continues...

    A big part of what we're seeing now, with the BLM and Antifa goons and radical feminists, results from a permutation among academia. Once upon a time, somebody brought up the (very true) observation that Feminism was mostly involved with the concerns of Educated White Women. It was mostly about them, and it's goals had been more or less achieved. But you can't let an industry go to waste, so they began concerning themselves with the "intersections" of race, gender, sex, class, wealth... the list is truly endless. And therefore, the outrage was endless. So now you have Educated White Women railing against a perceived threat that pretty much only exists within their own imaginations. Which would be fine, except that they very aggressively attack other people who diverge from their dogma. It's all very fundamentalist in it's approach.

    Ultimately, I think these folks are in for a sad realization someday... that they've wasted an enormous amount of opportunities while engaging in their activism of choice. Much like the post-wall women who regrets spending her youth and beauty on the cock-carousel (and ending up alone with drastically less options in males), these activists are going to get old, one day. They will find themselves the target of the newer, younger activists (just as Generation X has) and see what a shambles their lives truly are.
    You should be writing professionally somewhere. Your analytical skills are top notch. A real pleasure to read your posts. If you ever pick up professional writing, let me know. I'm already a fan.
    Sex is the bait. Marriage is the trap. Divorce rape is the goal.

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    Re: are we headed for a wacko totalitarian breeding program?

    Quote Originally Posted by TigPlaze View Post
    Fascist, extremist shit has always thrived when a populace is desperate.
    Same with communism.

    I mean, it's usually not my place to defend a communist regime. But the ONE allowance I'll make for Cuba is that the people watched the Batista regime allow American and European companies to prostitute their women, economically exploit their entire country, turn Havana into a gambler's paradise and other stuff.

    They saw all that and decided communism was the lesser evil.

    Whether they were right or wrong, that's how they saw it in 1959.

    It's not like Cuba is all that unique. If not for the Wall Street crash in 1929, it's doubtful Roosevelt (talk about an extremist!) ever would've won the White House. But the American people were very desperate by 1932, and they voted accordingly.
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