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    An anti-White Knight thread from Reddit/Red Pill

    I'm starting to sympathize with women who fuck over white knights

    u/MajorStyles589d, 19h
    Yesterday, my social media was cluttered by a business associate who went on a white night rampage. His paraphrased quote was something like...

    "What? A War on Men? Grow up you guys! There is no such thing!"

    What followed was the predictable: single mothers applauding; a few guys disagreeing; and thankfully, a few married women calling him out. I spoke my mind, and then instantly unfollowed him. I will go out of the way to avoid him forever.

    My conclusion is this...

    I sympathize with women who cheat on a shlub like that. The white knight is so pathetic, so placating, so false. The man who is pretending to be moral, all for a few breadcrumbs of affection. He is a giant liar.

    I detest the politically active feminist, but I am starting to detest the vocal white knight even more. He's a Benedict Arnold, fucking it up for eveyone else so that he can get a piece of ass. "Bros before hos" is a foreign concept in his world.

    Given this reality, a woman has no other choice than to give him what he deserves - a heaping pile of shit. It might look ugly from afar, but I can't say I blame these women. An extended period of time in the prescense of a mangina is unbearable. If I were in her shoes, I'd probably do the same thing.

    This country will never turn around until these white knights are properly shamed - called out for the losers that they are. I've traveled all over the world, and the US, for some God foresaken reason, is full of these failures.

    I encourage everyone to identify the white knights in your life. Remove them from your personal sphere, and shame them in public when you have the opportunity.

    It might not help, but it's a start.

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    kindlebluemoon•589d, 18h
    A huge part of the reason women are so shitty is precisely because they're spoiled by the way betas and white knights treat them. They get free favors, money, and special treatment from these thirsty ass dudes for doing nothing other than look pretty.

    Most men would turn into annoying cunts too if they got that kind of treatment from society.

    EmbeddedAssets•589d, 16h
    This hits the nail on point the root cause of our societal problems. I have utter disgust for these men because everything they do is a net negative for all groups of society.

    The women themselves become accustomed and entitled to such treatment, then become depressed when that alpha they really like actually hates them due to how shitty they've become, then wonder where all the good men went.

    Alpha males, in their heart, want a woman that will truly support them, but with manginas encouraging "empowerment and feminism", the women themselves feel too open to commit hypergamy. The alpha males have naturally adapted to this change, but learning game is only a band aid for the grievances of the potential good family that feminism has taken away from these men.

    Beta males and manginas themselves still fail to establish good relationships and get laid, and even worse, the more they look at women's complaints as "opportunities" ("Why do all good men leave us?" "Oh don't worry, I'll always be there for you!"), the more they will accelerate the decline of overall sexual and romantic utility of everyone in society.

    veggie_girlSenior Contributor• 589d, 10h
    Feminism is a shit test that was started by ugly women, and these guys failed it regardless. What's unfortunate is that many of them don't realize that whiteknighting NEVER results in sex, even after multiple failed attempts.

    gekkozorzEndorsed Contributor•589d, 7h
    Trying to get laid by white knighting is like trying to escape a Chinese finger trap by pulling as hard as you possibly can.

    VerbiageOfUltron•589d, 9h
    The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.

    (attributed to Einstein)

    arrayay•589d, 6h
    Nobody actually ever defined insanity that way and Einstein never said that either.

    veggie_girlSenior Contributor• 589d, 6h
    Yeah it sounds more like the definition of stupidity.

    [deleted]•589d, 7h
    Great comment. It's worth mentioning, though, that these beta males and white knights were massively encouraged into existence by feminism and the effects of the progressive movement on education, child rearing, conflict resolution, and of course on the media. There is no RP role model for children at all any more - hell, many go through their entire elementary school life without a single male teacher.

    EmbeddedAssets•589d, 7h
    This is another reason why men should lift weights. Lifting isn't about building big muscles because as for me, it is about reclaiming the masculinity that was stolen from the state. Lifting is that big RP brother that I never had.

    And yeah, it is a big snowballing loop. White knights and feminist education - just like the chicken and egg. That's why you can't bet for a turnaround because the snowball effect is too strong. It is within the country's culture, not its laws that govern the behavior of the people on things that can't be reinforced. You can suddenly have a Republican president in 2016 and have congress fully Republican as well. They might make adultery a punishable crime as well as banning abortion, but it won't matter jack shit as long as there are no police to watch the cheating happen and black market abortions are abundant.

    Of course I will bet that Hillary Clinton will be president of 2016 so there's really no need to talk about adultery being punished or divorce laws getting less stringent on men. The challenge for men today is to separate issues that they can do something about and those that they cannot do anything about. Work on the issues that they can do something about.

    [deleted]•589d, 4h
    Lifting isn't about building big muscles because as for me, it is about reclaiming the masculinity that was stolen from the state.
    I lift, but I don't think it's really correct to say that getting muscles is necessarily some big rebellious masculine act. There are plenty of other challenges that accomplish similar things mentally, whether it's aiming to climb mountains or conquer the back country on skis or 4x4ing to the ends of the earth. The masculinity comes from dedicating oneself to a challenge.

    They might make adultery a punishable crime as well as banning abortion
    Not a chance. What the Republicans like to do these days is to portray extreme positions in order to shift the Overton Window of acceptable public discourse a little bit in their preferred direction. Almost none of what they say is going to make it into their policies: it's designed to shift public opinion and perhaps galvanize some voting blocks at the same time.

    Of course I will bet that Hillary Clinton will be president of 2016
    I feel bad for you Yanks. I'll have Trudeau in 2016, I think.

    [deleted]•589d, 5h
    Of course I will bet that Hillary Clinton will be president of 2016
    If that happens I sincerely hope Putin invades Europe soon after. Maybe a major war will be enough to wake society up to what's happened and let the men take charge again.

    vengefully_yours2 Senior Endorsed Contributor•588d, 19h
    She would be seen as a hero if that happened, because all she would have to do is tell the joint chiefs to go get em. Its not like she would have a clue what to do, but our military sure as fuck does. The one problem that would probably crop up is her pulling a Nixon and trying to micromanage shit she is incapable of handling.

    I'm ex military and I sure as fuck wouldn't want to be in the oval office if we went to war in Europe again. With her its a nightmare. The only way she gets elected is if the GOP puts up a hardcore religious nutter that makes Jerry Falwell look liberal.

    [deleted]•588d, 9h
    Come on man, do you honestly think Hillary "Benghazi" Clinton could just give the word and stay out of it? She'd be putting her nose in constantly.

    I'm ex-military, too, and participated in two wars (can't honestly say I fought, just told others what to do so they could fight). And both times the White House was directly involved in what we were doing, down to minutia. I just can't see Hillary being more hands-off than either of the Bushes.

    • vengefully_yours2 Senior Endorsed Contributor•588d, 9h
    I can't either, but its a worst case/best case scenario. Best being she stays out of it, worst she gets neck deep or does what her hubby did and lets us get attacked nine times while doing nothing. I started under Reagan and got out just before Obama, played in the sand in 90-91 and also in the 00s with Southern Watch deployments thrown in there between. I can't see her being competent with the military at all, so we can hope she doesn't get hands on... Not counting on it.

    I don't think she will get elected, Palin is why McCain lost, nobody wants a female president. You will remember Mondale, the press was all aglow about him and he lost big to Reagan, same reason, female VP. The mi.itary would be a shitty place to be under here, even more than it was under Bill.

    Sunshinelorrypop•589d, 13h
    Most men would turn into annoying cunts too if they got that kind of treatment from society.
    This happens to a lot of big names:

    Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Prince, Oscar Pistorius, Luis Suarez then if you go back in history you've got Caligula, Nero, Vlad Dracula, Mao Tse-Tung etc.

    Yes men drive people insane, they give the person no bearing or reference. White Knights are watered down yes-men however, much more prevalant.

    southernmost•589d, 9h
    Vlad the Impaler was a bad motherfucker responding to an extremely difficult time in his country's history. Don't ever lump him in with the top entitled cunts of history.

    The man defended a small, poor country from the fucking Ottoman Empire for nearly 30 years.

    vengefully_yours2 Senior Endorsed Contributor•588d, 19h
    Dude had mountains to help him, and barbarism to fuel everything.

    [deleted]•589d, 15h
    Neither deserves sympathy, but white knights are indeed far worse. After all, a hamster is just a woman who has been enabled by a failing patriarchy to act with no thought, impulse-control, and any real motivation other than seeking a validation-high.

    A white knight - well, beta bucks as a whole - subsidizes this lifestyle, encourages women to do this shit, and sees that they never lack yes-men or validation. They prop hamsters up onto pedestals, ensuring that these hamsters can postpone having reality slap them in the face.

    Women can avoid shaping up and becoming quality wives, mothers, and even career women if they want to be... because these white knights are jumping over each other to provide validation and emotional support of whatever delusional bullshit the teenage woman believes. After 3-4 years of that, her brain is fried, how could it not be?

    If from the day you sprouted breasts to say, 22, you have been given free shit, constantly approved of and validated by men, had people trying to supplicate and treat you like a goddess, buy you shit, tell you you're a star, etc, you wouldn't be SHIT either.

    I guess the male equivalent is if you could magically download different pornstars from the internet to just "materialize" in front of you and fuck your brains out, you would never go out and give anything maximum effort. You'd never try hard at anything because you'd always know you can snap your fingers and feel the addiction high of pussy. (Validation to girls is pussy to guys).

    White knighting is a societal cancer; check out the 2nd video in this post and see the way the group of alphas (E-40 and his crew) realize that the beta bucks guy is actually just fucking up their ecosystem. They try to beat him up, educate him, tie him up in a basement, and so on, because they recognize that white-knight manginas inflate all of the negative qualities that women have.

    White knight infestations have turned many paradises of pussy into places like Toronto.

    commonnonsense•589d, 1h
    The beats bring out the alpha in me even more. This just dawned on me: Notice it's the rappers from the West Coast only. Rappers from the East Coast (e.g., Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G.) all have BP mentality which is cloaked by Red-Pill paint. A good example is when Biggie hooked up with Faith Evans (got married) and she cheated on him with 2-PAC (a West Coast rapper).

    My eyes open up wider every single day. I've come to love the truth and now I pat myself on my back when I predict outcomes using my RP mentality. It's an amazing god-like feeling.

    69Cobalt•588d, 7h
    2pac was such a redpill masculine dude, he's someone I really admire.

    And he wasn't without his own faults, hell, half his songs are about his personal fears and insecurities and struggles, but he tackles them head on and fights for whatever he believes in without giving a fuck about anyone else.

    fl3wy•589d, 12h
    Neither deserves sympathy
    Exactly. If OP sympathizes with women like that, then he's doing exactly the same thing as the white knights do. Every time a women fucks over her SO, white knights line up to excuse her behavior and blame the guy. Don't be like those guys.

    Instead, when you see white knights, just feel pity for them, like you do for people with a mental illnes.

    mcdehuevo1•589d, 17h
    I sympathize with women who cheat on a shlub like that. The white knight is so pathetic, so placating, so false. The man who is pretending to be moral, all for a few breadcrumbs of affection. He is a giant liar.
    I could not agree more. In fact, I think these guys are worse than feminists, because at least the feminist can be seen as blatantly using the victim card to work for her own long-term gain. She's doing what females throughout the animal kingdom do - using male resources and protection for the benefit of herself and her current and future offspring - but she has the most advanced weaponry.

    The white knight, on the other hand. The shame and contempt I feel when I see these useful idiots preaching the gospel of female moral superiority / victimhood that they've learned to recite like good little sheep is excruciating. And not just preaching, but volunteering as verbal suicide bombers. I wouldn't trust one of these guys to deliver my pizza, much less with anything of substance or import. I have no doubt women feel the same way.

    And to me, that's one of the central proofs of RP theory. The fact that white knights are almost universally despised across both genders makes a mockery of the unique snowflake mentality. Yes, each person is an individual and so on and yada yada, but there are in fact certain axiomatic traits and behaviors that provide useful information to the opposite sex about potential mate-value. Women learn (and are chemically / neurologically oriented) from a very young age to do what RP teaches men: learn about your partner before committing to anything. When their natural information channels are snowed out by pandering and ingratiation, how can they be expected to avoid the temptations of the alpha cock carousel?

    If ordinary women understood that TRP is actually teaching men to be more instinctive, more real, in ways that will improve the signal-to-noise ratio in male-female communication because that's how it's supposed to work in nature, I bet there'd be a lot less shrillness about it.

    MajorStyles•589d, 16h
    "verbal suicide bombers" Love that description! That's what it is, because they are going down in spiraling ball of flame, no doubt.

    phe_nom•589d, 7h
    Agree with this post 100%. White knights are the absolute biggest frauds in America. Selling out your own gender just so you can hope to get a pity hj from some feminist is inexcusable. Fraud isn't the right word, they are whores. But they are worse than whores because they sell their dignity and don't even get fucking paid for it.

    RebootedMale•589d, 5h
    Cuckold the white nights.

    It is NOT your job in life to try to help everybody who has a penis. We are NOT all brothers.

    Most western men are worthless trash or at best, deluded.

    Third wave feminism is only a threat to our culture because of MEN that enable it.

    atworknewaccount•589d, 17h
    I think this is probably one of my biggest issues with this sub. It's full of angry converts who were very recently white knights. I empathise with and understand selfish women more than beta men.

    MajorStyles•589d, 16h
    It's in a woman's nature to be self-serving, given her biological need to procreate. So although I might dislike her duplicity, I can at least understand it on some Darwinian level. But white knights insist on fucking it up for not only themselves, but for other men as well. They aren't even good at being selfish.

    ColdEiric•589d, 14h
    But white knights insist on fucking it up for not only themselves, but for other men as well. They aren't even good at being selfish.
    No wonder they get used as expendable tools. Animals are more selfish than they are.

    liljenz0•589d, 14h
    I think most of the time, white knights are more stupid than selfish. While their aim is to "nice" the sex out of women, albeit ineffectively, I don't think that they realize the harm they are doing to masculinity of men through their white knighting .

    sir_wankalot_here•589d, 14h
    I think this is probably one of my biggest issues with this sub.
    It is about the only issue I have with this sub :-). For an Asian unicorn under 30 to screw over some guy doesn't take much skill. The unicorns I admire the most are 45+, they manage to maintain the body of a 30 year old. And they have made a career of systematically extracting all possible assets from white knight while he has a shit eatting grin on his face.

    It it better then watching National Geographic where the mama lion of the pack hunts down and kills her prey.

    [deleted]•589d, 8h
    Unicorns? You keep using that word, I don't think it means what you think it means.

    What you are talking about are just normal women. I also don't trust your judgement. I have never once seen a 45+ year old woman maintain the body of a 30 year old.

    The true Unicorn is the 18-22 year old who has the body of an 8-10 and who has conquered her natural tendency for hypergamy and misandry. The problem is that unicorns don't exist, that's why they are named after mythical creatures that don't exist. Calling any woman unicorn is just another form of pedestalization.

    sir_wankalot_here•589d, 8h
    Also don't trust your judgement. I have never once seen a 45+ year old woman maintain the body of a 30 year old.
    Asian women do not age the same way as western women. Probably because they don't pork up as badly. Also usually Asian women avoid the sun, so they have better skin. It is similar to the all Asians look alike thing.

    So most western men get suckered into thinking Asian women are younger then they are.

    After you have spend a long time around Asian women you can guess their real age.

    sir_wankalot_here•589d, 8h
    Unicorns don't exist, that's why they are named after mythical creatures that don't exist. Calling any woman unicorn is just another form of pedestalizing them.
    Exactly :-) According to about 50% of TRP, unicorns existed 50 to 1000 years ago till they died out. But then some of TRP claims that in far off lands like eastern Europe or part of Asia unicorns still exist.

    The scientific reality is 80/20. Or to put it another way for all of human history 80% of men have been getting screwed over by women :-)

    KingNobby•589d, 17h
    The more men white knighting, the less competition I have.

    Women already have a vagina, they don't want to date another one.

    gmflag•588d, 21h
    You can always be somewhat Machiavellian about it and encourage it among those guys to make the contrast between yourself and them even starker.

    [deleted]•589d, 12h
    I sympathize with women who cheat on a shlub like that. The white knight is so pathetic, so placating, so false. The man who is pretending to be moral, all for a few breadcrumbs of affection. He is a giant liar.
    There has been a lot of talk about the anger phase after swallowing the red pill. Mostly about the anger against society, women and indoctrination.

    But this is equally important to realize for ex-beta orbiter, ex-white knights and ex-manginas. They have to accept that they have been pathetic and detested by women for their blue pill behavior and delusions their whole life. That's difficult to stomach.

    priusowner666•589d, 7h
    I would not call them out. That would be like warning your enemies that you are going to drop a bomb on them. Let them fall on their own sword.

    [deleted]•589d, 18h
    He's a Benedict Arnold, fucking it up for eveyone else so that he can get a piece of ass.
    I have to admit, I want guys to be like this now. He's not fucking it up for everyone else, he's just fucking it up for himself. The more guys who are 'white knights' the better off I am.

    [deleted]•589d, 18h

    NAmember81•589d, 15h
    I know what you mean, every girl now days because of Facebook has about 7 orbiters that she goes to for rides, money, favors, attention ect. And when you enter the mix they mean mug you with their finger in her belt loop while following her around and talking shit about you. So I just hold frame and refuse to play that game and just act as if he is insignificant. I've even had these pricks show up on my doorstep wanting to fight and I just tell them "sorry dude, I do not fight over chicks you can have her if it means that much to you." which just pisses off more but that's the point, they just end up looking desperate and weak.

    CloakedOrchid•589d, 17h
    Who gives a shit? Those guys aren't scaring anyone but each other. The same fuckfaces who talk that kind of smack are the guys who think working out is for "meatheads" and martial arts training is "stupid." If he does anything short of bringing a gun to a fight, that kind of guy is getting a boot where his balls are supposed to hang.

    MajorStyles•589d, 16h
    True. It's good for one's notch count to have so many manginas on the loose. It's just revolting for me to hear them yammering so loudly at times.

    PlusGoody•589d, 11h
    I pity them -- white knighting is a misfire of two good instincts. Protecting the weak is noble -- but modern feminism isn't weakness, it's hubris and vainglory. Women are wired to appreciate protection, but by means of their attraction to status (they don't want the soldier who dies, they want the king who orders the soldier to go fight.)

    CyraleaTRP Vanguard•589d, 9h
    In much the same way that there is an anger phase towards women that passes, there also exists one against white-knight betas. I don't loathe them as much as I did before, rather I feel deep pity for them. A decade ago I was that white-knight idiot. If someone had shown me the path earlier I may not have been so deluded. It's probably idealistic, but in some ways I hope that what I write here helps former betas overcome the error of their thinking.

    Not going to lie though, when I see manginas making pro-feminism videos I get an uncontrollable urge to punch someone in the face.

    MasonJarTeaDrinker•589d, 4h
    I completely agree, I have this acquaintance that's always posting feminist BS, a ton of it. Then he has all these women telling him how awesome he is, that "It's so sexy that you're so feminist" and the thing is that I NEVER see this kid with a girl, not even an ugly one, years later he's going to be wondering why, after he gets fucked by a few of them.

    I can't stand men that do that, not once does he defend his fellow man, everything he does is to shame us and elevate the women, pathetic.

    imeneo•588d, 19h
    The man who is pretending to be moral, all for a few breadcrumbs of affection. He is a giant liar.
    This point is particularly excellent.

    [deleted]•589d, 9h
    He's a Benedict Arnold, fucking it up for eveyone else so that he can get a piece of ass.
    When has a white knight ever gotten ass ? Seriously, point me to 1 case where a self-proclaimed protector of women has been rewarded for his actions. It doesn't happen. He's fucking it up for everyone for the POSSIBILITY of MAYBE getting ass. It's an even deeper level of being a loser.

    Reward sex is not the sex you want. You want HER to want sex just as much as you.

    MasonJarTeaDrinker•589d, 3h
    Reward sex is not the sex you want. You want HER to want sex just as much as you.
    Amen, that's the best type of sex.

    leftajarEndorsed Contributor• 589d, 18h
    Feminists lie and misrepresent in order to further their goals. White knights are doing the same exact thing, except that it's worse to see a man do it. It's a violation of the male concept of honor.

    [deleted]•589d, 12h

    MajorStyles•589d, 11h
    I think there is a difference between youthful ignorance, which is understandable, and the social justice adult who, despite years of experience, refuses to acknowledge the truth.

    whitey_male•589d, 16h
    Excellent point. A lot of guys(dare i say 60-70%) are just amoral opportunists like Smithers from the Simpsons.

    I like to think most guys here are just men who'd prefer to go back 2-3 decades when society was more honourable. But you can't tell that so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

    [deleted]•589d, 17h
    Did you see that South Park episode on powerful men who cheat and it ends up being a witch hunt for some BS so the men can convince there wives there is no internal drive? That's what public white knighting is. Do you think most of these people really think that... deep down. That they see these divorce rapes, male prison rapes, the promiscuity of our culture, etc. and simply deny it? Maybe a few do. Many more recognize this but see that white knighting is an easy way to cull the favor of women. Be that guy. Cull favor. Bring hot women into your trap and fuck them. Keep your actions TRP but never forget the perception, and not reality, of you is what initially attracts people.

    ImprovementOnly•589d, 17h
    Public white knighting is not that at all. It's always a beta male trying to appease a women, usually to try to get laid. They are not banding together to pull the wool over the eyes of females.

    MrRexels•588d, 19h
    He is right however, there is no War On Men. The kind of psychological warfare women pull and the shit they do it's probably against the Geneva Convention.

    malmn•589d, 13h
    I agree that white knights do more harm than good but what you are suggesting is awful. Trying to fix them by shaming them and the like will not solve anything. Two wrongs don't make a right. Just ignore the white knights and move on. As well, I think you should be a little more compassionate. These white knights obviously have issues, likely confidence issues, so calling them losers and shaming them will do more harm than good. You won't help anyone that way.

    Edit: spelling.

    MajorStyles•589d, 11h
    In theory, you are right. Two wrongs do not make a right.

    That being said, do not underestimate the power of public shaming. It can produce better results than 50 town hall meetings.

    malmn•589d, 10h
    It's not theory if you want to be a happy person. Trying to make things "right" by force/coercion/manipulation/abuse/etc. will not bring you happiness. You can take that to the bank.

    SteelChicken•589d, 10h
    You shouldn't hate white knights for acting out on how they were raised. Hate the one who led them astray.

    HolographicWhaleTail•589d, 8h
    I don't sympathize with them, but I understand why they do what they do (almost) completely.

    spicy_fries1•589d, 18h
    I totally welcome this. It has gotten so bad that they are white knighting for faggots.

    Yes, I said faggots. As in cornholers.

    Now watch how fast this comment gets downvoted.

    Even in this subreddits, their inner white knight surfaces to protect the "honor" of the homosexual.

    Homosexuals deserve no such protection.

    They can fight their own fight.

    Homosexuals would never white knight for a hetrosexual and would throw them under the bus if somebody bought them a cosmopolitan.

    The white knighting needs to end. But honestly I don't see any practical way to go about it.

    EBONICSmajor•589d, 17h
    Bro that shit is uncalled for. One of my brothers is gay and he is redpill as fuck. He doesn't take shit from anyone and can hold it down in a fight against anyone either.

    Just because he plows dudes in the ass doesn't make him any less of a man when it comes to frame, strength, success and everything else we strive for.

    SFofallplaces•589d, 17h
    Funniest unintentional statement ever.

    “Just because he plows dudes in the ass doesn’t make him less of a man.”

    That’s exactly what it means, sweet Rainbow Knight.

    spicy_fries1•589d, 17h
    He doesn't take shit from anyone and can hold it down in a fight against anyone either.
    Then why the white knighting? hmmmmmm?

    [deleted]•589d, 17h

    spicy_fries1•589d, 16h
    "Show me a 'pansexual' or 'genderqueer' individual, and I'll show you a psychologically troubled human being." --@rooshv

    SFofallplaces•589d, 17h
    Agreed. Every group has its cheerleading knights that wouldn’t GIVE A FUCK about heterosexual males.

    malmn•589d, 12h
    I don't see any practical way to go about it.
    Sorry to give you the bad news but it will never change. White knights are here to stay whether you like it or not. I suggest you let go of your anger, avoid white knights, focus on yourself and carry on. You'll be a whole lot happier that way.
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    Re: An anti-White Knight thread from Reddit/Red Pill

    It depends on the definition of white knighting. They seem to conflate it with unsuccessful dating strategies; they are not always the same. A WK in my opinion goes out of his way to defend women. A blue piller however thinks being nice wins women. He is unprepared for a woman's selfish, manipulative nature. I swear some men will never learn by experience; they have to discover the red pill. For those that see it and reject it, they deserve it. For those who never are exposed to it, I am a believer that the average person cannot see through the maze of their experience when the whole world is brainwashing them. Therefore, I can't take a hard stance that all the blue pill failures are deserving of that torture.

    Some of you may be wondering -- who is this Jagrmeister guy? Have a look at some of my posts from MGTOW Forums--> Jagr Archive (collection of my articles)

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    Re: An anti-White Knight thread from Reddit/Red Pill

    "Lifting is that big RP brother that I never had."

    Hear, hear.

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    Re: An anti-White Knight thread from Reddit/Red Pill

    And this is what happens if you let them have their way: (warning: graphic. To mods, if content is too graphic, please edit)
    Tl;dr: Alleged rapist cut into pieces. Vigilante justice hooray!

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