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    Another Red Pill thread from the misc.

    It's a tale as old as time. Stemcel marries woman ...but now wife ...lives in $900k house and decides she "really needs her freedom."

    I've seen this story played out so many times. The guy always falls into despair when he gets hit with the divorce papers, says "I don't even care anymore," and signs an unconscionable marital settlement agreement that goes in dry on his wallet.

    In six months your friend will be living in a one bedroom apartment, paying $10k a month in spousal support.

    OP it def sounds like the tale as old as time, guy is hardworking awesome provider and a safe pick, but kinda lame and nerdy and busy w work. Sounds like the typical "freedom" as in hop on a handful of random cocks.

    "Freedom" is slut self rationalization for "freedom to take a lot of dicks because my beta husband can't **** me right"

    Loyalty is a male trait. Women are resource seeking. That is their default nature. Don't be mad at sloots for evolution.

    If you are marrying a woman who is poor, i have some bad newz for you. ALWAYS marry a woman worth more than you...if you choose to get married at all.

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    Re: Another Red Pill thread from the misc.

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