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    Another Problem With Marriage and LTR

    I say chaps,

    Several days ago, I posted back-handed tips (humor) for dating on this board. Discerning minds know! Here is a VERY real problem that I faced first hand and have been observing in this fucking hypocritical society ALL over the world during my extended travels and living all over the globe.


    Trust me when I say this, it is a fucking problem that goes against the very basic instincts of homo sapiens. Let me explain: When I was engaged, and then again came into LTR later with a different gal several years later, I was bored of fucking the same pussy over and over again. And I never even cohabitated with them. Both were fucking beautiful with god-sculpted, GREAT bodies and I fucked them in every orifice of their body. No kidding!

    When I met my fiance in America, she was a virgin and I had only 8 gals under my belt. 2 of them were hookers. Yes, I lost my virginity to a hooker. I was doomed from the beginning, you could say. Anyways, being the honest bloke that I am, I had told my fiance about all this and my "NOTCH" count. She was not burdened at all. In fact, she liked the fact that I had some "experience" in the arena. It lasted just over five years. During those 5 years, being the WanderLuster that I am, I was propositioned countless times by other gals (different nationalities too) in the USA (both while in uni and then at work) to "fool around" (their words, not mine) with them. It was so FUCKING tempting, I always wanted to do it, but I restrained myself. It is important to mention here that I DO NOT regret the fact, even now, that I passed on them. I just CANNOT cheat. PERIOD! You are free to call me idiot, moron, whatever-the-fuck, and i will not hold it against you. That is how I am built.

    Same thing happened with my VN girlfriend during the time I was with her few years ago. Again, being who I am, I had told her from the start that I am an international whore monger and my notch count was over 500 by that time. NO PUN INTENDED. It did not seem to bother her at all. She only told me that she knew me and I will not cheat on her. SHE was godddamn right and really knew me well too. Does not mean that I was not longing for other pussy when I saw an attractive one around. By this time, I was only into whores and really wanted to keep on fucking them even though I was in an LTR. Needless to say, I restrained myself again.

    When I ended it with both of them, a couple tears came out, but in the back of my mind, I was somehow relieved to some extent that I could fuck different pussies again. Might have been a solace that I gave myself subconsciously, who the fuck knows.

    Point being, I felt it first hand that I, WanderLuster, am not MEANT to be with only one gal for my whole life. My fucking BIOLOGICAL construct does not like that. I am always lusting after another pussy after 4-5 weeks of fucking the same pussy. Now, I have buddies all over the world. No pun intended. About 50% of all my married buddies fuck whores on the side and the rest of the 50%, I know for sure would love to fuck a new pussy given a chance and some balls in the nutsack.

    This brought me to the conclusion that WE are NOT biologically programmed to be spending life shagging the same pussy. I mean, we can, but misery will most definitely ensue, I believe.

    Now, this begs the question to all the once-married/been in LTR chaps here: How did you feel about fucking the same pussy over and over again for years? Were there side chicks/whores that you were fucking while being in the relationship? I mean you could lie, it is not like I am a pussy detective and I will catch you red-handed.

    Fucking marriage....SMH.


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    Re: Another Problem With Marriage and LTR

    Monogamy has never been my bag either, even when Iím monogamous.

    But forced/expected monogamy? Pass.

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    Re: Another Problem With Marriage and LTR

    I have to admit that I was always pretty satisfied sexually in my long-term relationship. The woman I was with was very experimental sexually and willing to try all kinds of stuff. I never had a reason or a need to cheat or have a side piece of ass. Iím not that type of guy anyway to cheat. I always modeled my behavior in a relationship based on what I witnessed with my grandparents. I couldnít rest right or look myself in the mirror knowing that I had cheated and betrayed something I was really putting effort into. It just didnít seem right.

    I guess my simp ass was pretty naive in those days. Look where all my effort got me lol

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    Re: Another Problem With Marriage and LTR

    Yea men aren't "wired" on a basic instinct, monogamy is a societal/cultural/religious ideal and today it's one of the conservative flag bearers so you can add political to it as well - that's not to say it's a bad thing as we're where we are today thanks in part to it. Yet it's only been in place for maybe a couple 1000 years while we've been around for hundreds of thousands. You know the saying, sperm is cheap and plentiful while with women the eggs are limited and the actual pregnancy and raising of a child takes years, comparatively as a man you could pop in multiple pregnancies in a day never mind weeks without much issue.

    Our more primitive ancestors would have multiple women for one primary chief/strongest man - make no doubt it hasn't been long enough I'd say to completely forget our evolutionary roots.
    While this sort of thing doesn't exist in actual civilizations... because you know... it wasn't exactly civilized for the majority lol. Can't exactly have a proper stable government run like that, it wouldn't be conductive to a peaceful society, although I'd assume with enough technological innovation something of that sort could be possible in the dystopian future hah.

    LTR/marriage - you could never trust another person in the modern day marriage, it's not rationally possible. How would I feel with the same pussy for years and years on end? As amazing as my fantasies of such a fairytale could come up with, I bet it would be great! Actual modern standards if you're not dosing on BP, it would be awful.

    Definitely easy to blow off monogamy in the current day of dating apps and prevalent hoeing around that can be seen every which way you cast your gaze - since monogamy is no longer socially,community, or politically enforced.
    We had that sexual revolution thing and the ladies cast off their chains, Jagr's great regression topic describes it in far better terms.

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    Re: Another Problem With Marriage and LTR

    I never cheated on any woman I dated or had a LTR with. Was this blue-pill indoctrination? The initial concept surely is but there was more to it, for me anyway.

    I was always of the notion: 1 guy, 1 gal, 1 relationship, but this wasn’t about morals, it was the simple practicality that one relationship was difficult enough without adding more complications.

    But yeah, I agree that monogamy is not human nature. I don’t care if that pussy is draped in a Supergirl cape, the same ‘ol same ‘ol gets boring. Worse than that, once it gets boring sex begins to feel like a chore rather than something to be relished.

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    Re: Another Problem With Marriage and LTR

    Men aren't wired to be monogamous...and neither are women. Genetic diversity for the propagation of the species is wired into our brains, whether we like it or not. The female PR machine would tell you that it's men that cheat and all women stay home and pine for true love but we all know that's bullshit. Easy access via technology has exposed them. In the digital age, a woman can be in a relationship at lunch, get on Tinder an hour later and fuck 4 different guys by midnight. This is the same PR machine that told men for years that a sense of humor and intelligence were key traits they were looking for. It's past time to throw in the towel on that game. Adapt and thrive.

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    Re: Another Problem With Marriage and LTR

    Quote Originally Posted by WanderLuster View Post
    This brought me to the conclusion that WE are NOT biologically programmed to be spending life shagging the same pussy. I mean, we can, but misery will most definitely ensue, I believe.
    True the vast majority of relationships will end in a split, cheating or misery with probably a few percent being successful.
    In the past life expectancy was much shorter, by the time you raised the kids you didn't many years left, while still not a good deal, less worse than today.

    A former work colleague of mine was married at 26, effectively signing a contract saying "I will not bang any other women in the next 60 years"...........Madness


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