11:46 AM PST
Another anti-male rant from someone who just wants a little attention. Soraya, sweetheart, take a look at the number of young girls carrying weapons on the street, and not for self-defense either. The simple fact of the matter is that you live in a dangerous neighborhood and you should move elsewhere. Not all men and boys are evil and more often than not it's the nice boys and men that incurable misandrists like you end up lashing out at. And don't forget the fact that there are a growing number of women preying on young boys for you-know-what. And let's not forget the horrible "sex is empowerment" role models your girls are looking up to. These are women, Soraya! Women! I'm a woman and I cringe at what extremist garbage women now embrace.

The men you described in your "essay" are the products of a bad upbringing. the bad news for you is that it wasn't just bad male role models, it was also the women who became sexist themselves. Why would any of those men bother respecting you after the way they were tormented as boys. Setting a good example goes a lot further than abusing them physically, which is no way to teach them respect. Be nice to them when they're boys and they'll be nice to you when they're men. Otherwise, get ready for more of the same because it's what you deserve if you continue to refuse to educate yourself.

9/28/2015 1:40 PM PST [Edited]
The problem is ANYTHING a woman doesn't like is considered "ungentlemanly behavior", and now not only do men have to be in fear of being called a stalker for saying "You look lovely today.", but now, heaven forbid a man makes eye contact with a woman for more than a second and we're labeled pigs, rapists, and perverts with the obvious intent of killing you.

But women go right ahead and keep oogling the hot firefighters and drooling while catcalling them cause, you know, women are incapable of the same behavior.

Nah, no double standard there.

9/28/2015 11:48 AM PST must have not gotten the memo that states men are nothing but knuckle-dragging neanderthals who ogle, catcall, kidnap and rape anything that moves. The only thing men are good for is going to work and handing over their paychecks every Friday.

Lisa Beth Darling-Gorman
9/28/2015 9:04 AM PST
Another neo maxi zoom dweebie incapable of handling life or the world around them drones on. Oh joy.

Larry Sarvis
9/28/2015 10:25 AM PST
How silly. With all the serious problems out there why whine about something so insignificant as men being rude. Stop worrying about the unimportant and teach your daughters about real dangers, real assaults. Women aren't as weak and girlish as you portray, or at least my two daughters aren't. But then they have a couple brothers and know when boys are a danger and when they aren't

12:45 PM PST
I ignore women on the street.

Too many women are stupid enough to believe the thoroughly debunked "1 in 5" rape statistic (cited by this author!), so making eye contact could send a woman over the edge. They're so hyped up on their victim status (they think the chances are 1 in 5 that I'm a rapist, after all) that if I make eye contact on the street I'd probably be pepper sprayed. I really don't need that. I keep my eyes down and keep walking. It would be great if all men did this and women were never harassed on the street, but sadly, there are men who do it. They're called sociopaths. The rest of us aren't objectifying you. Maybe there can be a serious dialog about gender issues once people like this author abandon hyperbole and learn to use REAL statistics.