by Nikolai Vladivostok
The trouble with people living in WEIRD countries is, we don’t know how WEIRD we are.
WEIRD stands for Western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic. Many countries have some of these characteristics, but only a few have them all, which makes them . . . weird.
The map above shows where 90% of psychological studies come from, adjusting country size by population. These WEIRD countries account for only about 15% of the world’s population. Some researchers are starting to think these studies must be culturally biased, and that broader studies are needed to understand human nature more fully.
This is because WEIRD countries are different. They have certain traits that set them apart from other nations which lead to their wealth, freedom and high social trust.
. . . WEIRD countries are in or derive from Western Europe. What was going on there to explain the development of this cultural phenomenon? A likely factor is historic marriage practices, whose differences in Europe are bounded by the ‘Hajnal line‘ . . . Here the colours depict perceived levels of corruption.
In addition to r-selection, most countries within the Hajnal line adhered to the Catholic prohibition on cousin marriage, and their manorial system helped enforce it. Families were mostly small – nuclear or including only grandparents, as opposed to extended family or community groups more typical in the East.
Over many centuries, these factors appear to have weakened familial and tribal loyalties and allowed a broader, more egalitarian circle of empathy to develop. The WEIRD countries began their journey to weirdness – they nurtured an unusual focus on the individual, respect for the rule of law, guilt morality, high rates of volunteer participation and so on. (Aka turning men into trusting naive nice guys) They became the high trust societies.
Social capital is an example of game theory where everyone chooses to cooperate and everyone wins. In Third World countries too many people defect, leading to poorer outcomes for most.
WEIRD people think differently. The see universal rules where others see relationships (guanxi). Their moral feelings are based on fairness, not on communal roles. In other words, who/whom is normal. Selfishness, nepotism, tribalism and corruption are normal. The blindfolded Lady Justice is WEIRD.
Imagine you have a job approving business license applications. Should you elicit bribes for stamping them? In much of the world, you should. After all, your first responsibility is to yourself and your own family, then ‘your people’ – grasping cousins and layabout nephews who expect your largess because you’ve got that fancy job. In most of the world, wage theft, cutting corners, sharp deals and patronage networks are expected and justified. It is mostly Westerners who will feel guilty about such sins and lay awake at night, tortured by their transgressions . . . (such as their past sins against feminism, the Earth goddess Gaia by throwing their beer cans on the ground etc)
These day we see a unique concern for animal welfare, multiculturalism, feminism, gay liberation, trans activism, affirmative action, high immigration from non-like societies, religious freedom, acceptance of refugees, protected classes, BLM, Antifa and all that sort of thing.

Each of these movements is underpinned by a WEIRD principle: we are all equal and everyone ought to have a fair go. You might not agree with the conclusion, but the starting premise was inherently Western – inclusion of the Other, a turning away from giving preference to our own kind.
Many people around the world want to move to WEIRD countries, or invest in them. While they will not always admit it, they know that this is where they will be treated fairly, where they and their property will be protected by the rule of law, and where they can enjoy a safe and pleasant life. In comparison, at home they are often hamstrung by corruption, arbitrary rulings and a lack of connections. I’ve seen this first-hand in the Philippines, where many good positions can only be got through personal relationships or the cash to bribe your way in. Board exams are a scam, designed to only let the right people through.
We all scream like babies: “It’s not fair!” Thus is the the war-cry of the Westerner. (And the Karens . . . )
This misunderstanding is the source of much friction between WEIRD and normal peoples in the West. We are like the Nice Guy™ who has a ‘covert contract‘ with the world – I’ll be really nice and politically correct, and you owe/give me a good job and a gf and all that. Then he’s devastated when he gets friend-zoned . . .

So far as humans go, the dissident right is normal. They represent a portion of heritage Westerners who are, unknowingly, backsliding from their unique cultural traditions and are beginning to act like everyone else. A future post will examine how WEIRD values are currently being undermined on both sides of the political spectrum" Full article: