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Thread: A modern woman

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    A modern woman

    An online acquaintance has shared a link with me.
    Reading it, it reflects so much of the wisdom of MGTOW that I felt I needed to share it with you guys.

    While reading it, keep in mind that this is a "good case" - the average woman doesn't even feel the guilt this one describes.
    But even so, reading her thoughts reveals how *insane* it is to form long term relationships with these creatures.

    Note: Apparently this board has a bad reputation, so I will also copy just the important text below - you can choose to ignore the link.
    The text below is from:
    Here she goes:

    >Be me
    >Be trooner
    >Perfect boyfriend of 2 years
    >Regular sex, super compatible
    >He's totally my type, really fucking hot
    >Extremely loyal, very monogamous and protective of me
    >I wanna marry him
    >He satisfies me in every way
    >Except one
    >Estrogen gave me a secret cheating fetish
    >And it's basically my No.1 turnon
    >Always try to read into his dirty talk so it sounds like he's saying I sleep around
    >even when it's actually about how I'll always be his and he loves me
    >Constantly fantasize about being seduced by someone else
    >Constantly fantasize about being offered more money than I can turn down
    >Fantasize about scenarios where I gave away my virginity to someone else in secret
    >Constantly fantasize about getting passed around by stronger men
    >Want to be the heroine in NTR smut
    >I don't want them to love me like he does
    >I'm so afraid of hurting him
    >I'm so afraid of giving in
    >Have tried to suppress this

    She continues in a similar vein, throughout the thread:

    "This is probably the best relationship I've ever had in my life and I want it to work. The problem is that I'm always thinking of others when we fuck and it's preventing me from being as close as I want to be with him as I can. Thinking of others hurts my ability to feel close to him. We are sexually compatible, it's just one thing that happens to also be a much bigger deal than it should."

    "I floated the idea of a third person, because even just the smallest amount of non monogamous sex would turn me on more than I could ask for (but I didn't say that part out loud), and he expressed that the idea of another man touching me made him sick and created a big pit in his stomach, so it's a no-go."

    "I haven't behaved on it at all, it's just a feeling, but it's an annoying and common feeling. It's not cool either, at the start I didn't want non-monogamous sex at all, I just keep wanting it more and more"

    I am sure she will be faithful to him, in the long run. Read between the lines:

    "Well, my feeling unsatisfied points towards it not being enough, and I think that dissatisfaction is going to be toxic in the long run for a relationship I really really want to work out, because I have more interested in keeping it alive than my fetish. It isn't a problem of willpower, I've controlled it for years and dealt with very explicit attempts by others to fuck me, and I've stayed loyal, but if I am always feeling disatisfied at a base level, and regretful that I did not cheat during moments of lust, this might wear down my ability to stay in something that is actually really good for me. So, it doesn't control me. I control it. I want to keep it under control because I want this relationship to last, which I can't do if I always feel like I'm missing out on something that's a really big part of my sexuality deep down.

    I was tempted to respond to this oh-so-typical-nowadays female - but I didn't have to; there was someone else:

    Welcome to the feeling called "Hypergamy", also known as "monkey branching" behaviour.
    Disgustingly fembrained.
    You're going to catch all the socially transmitted diseases and think you're cool with it.

    Dare I make a prediction?
    The poor sap she has ensnared will be joining our ranks at some point in the future - with his heart torn out and stomped into a thousand pieces.

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    Re: A modern woman

    Women are never satisfied . They are programmed to monkey branch. You can give them the world but they won't be happy cause it's not the solar system,etc,etc,etc.
    Stay away from women. They will only break your heart.

    Quote Originally Posted by Survivor64 View Post
    Shit- I’m adding you….12. MGTOWFOREVER- Guys got balls the size of church bells. Ain’t afraid to call out an oversight and hold people accountable. I love that! Be sure to move over to the new board guys!

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    Re: A modern woman

    Estrogen kills. It’s just how it is.

    Luckily, we die earlier.

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    Re: A modern woman

    “Trooner” is a slur for trans woman. Therefore this trans is confessing HRT made them hypergamous. Apparently that stuff is powerful. They even inherited THAT female characteristic. TIL even trans women are looking for the bigger better deal. Back to square one...

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    Re: A modern woman

    Huh? A man or woman? Is this a gay couple?

    I'm all for inclusion and acceptance, but maybe explain that in the OP.

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    Re: A modern woman

    Quote Originally Posted by opensource View Post
    Huh? A man or woman? Is this a gay couple?

    I'm all for inclusion and acceptance, but maybe explain that in the OP.
    The “trooner” is a trans woman (male to female) talking about their bf, and feeling hypergamous/fantasizing about cheating on the boyfriend.

    Gay couple? Well... I’ll keep my opinion to myself. I don’t want to get into the politics and definitions etc, within their community. I wouldn’t know. I’m not in a position to have a say either way.

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