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    Re: A fucked up story on how cheating destroyed an entire family.

    Here's another story with dismal results from using genealogy sites. Fortunately, no one committed suicide over it.

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    Re: A fucked up story on how cheating destroyed an entire family.

    Quote Originally Posted by frog View Post
    I doubt if today's blue pill guys even think about it. Now, almost all single women have kids. A middle-aged man might find someone with their kids already grown, but that's the best you could hope for. Since this is the new normal, young guys don't consider it strange.
    ^^^This^^^ is yet another reason to remain RP'd.
    Marry a woman, any woman, and you marry HER family...ALL OF 'EM...from crazy in-laws to ne'er do well offspring.

    Any man who does this will NEVER have any peace.
    As MGTOW, resistance to the collective is NOT futile.
    Don't let yourself be assimilated and become a mindless zombie supporting and submitting to any woman.
    They will ultimately destroy you.

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