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Hello Lads,

I'm 51, never married and not about to be. In my younger days I did co-habitate, but I wisely dodged the wedding bullets from live-ins over the years. Each time the women were the ones who brought up marriage. I think that any stalling or procrastination on the man's part once marriage is discussed will show to some degree a womans veiled (some moreso than others) true nature. A peek at the beast, so to speak.

I was raised listening to my parents scream at each other in a drunken rage almost nightly and adulterous behavior from both before divorcing. This made me promise myself at a very young age I would never marry. Watching my buddies marry and then get their posteriors probed with prejudice in family court only strengthened my resolve. The courts have no compunction towards fairness these days, and the women who push their agendas, no conscience. I really didn't understand why anyone would want to subject themselves to this torture. Delegating themselves to a life of deprecation and misery. Some more than once, eeeeee-diots.

I have been lied to, cheated on, locked out of my apartment, po-po called on me and even given a venereal disease! Dang! In all things, I avoid drama in my life, and women bring it in excess. It got to the point any time a woman told me something I weighed it with an "is this a lie and how would she benefit from it" analysis.

Sadly, I still do this.

As others have mentioned, as time goes on the drive to mate with every woman with a pulse slows down and the more logical portion of your brain takes over, thank God. I have for some time now chosen not to get involved with women, MGTOW before there was such a thing. I felt that if I were to respond socially only with perfunctory and mundane conversation and not "catch their eye" things would go better, and so it has. Not too hard for an ugly old fart like me to go under the cougar radar these days.

I didn't realize there was a whole movement toward MGTOW and "ghosting" until I one day stumbled upon it on the web, what a revelation,I thought I was just weird, mental, or a pariah. Now I may be all those things, but at least I have company.... The articles here are sometimes informative, sometimes funny, and always looking out for a brothers best interest.

Thanks for letting me join the red-pill gang, I'll do my best to keep the faith. Peace, -Fap