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Thread: MGTOW vs Men

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    MGTOW vs Men

    Been thinking alot lately, because I'm deprogramming, so duh.

    My real MGTOW moment, when I truly broke free.. Involved a man, of all things... I'll try to explain.

    After I got cleaned out by a gold-digger, the only crash-space that I had was with my best friend. I was trapped by this horrid woman, and my friend called and said that his roommate flash-moved on him, and that he was fucked. I was super blue-pilled at the time, looking for an escape, and it presented itself. I said "I'm on my way", and fled the gold-digger immediately. Thank the gods for that moment.

    BUT... As I found out later, this "friend" is in fact a psychopath, that targets damaged people, preferably with PTSD, and very slowly and subtly increases their anxiety to the point that they can't pay bills.. then he "helps them out", but demands collateral, or else he "has" to kick them out. Once they sign over the collateral, he immediately kicks them out. It was almost impossible to perceive, because he uses what would best be called Feminine Tactics... Love-bombing, gaslighting, manipulation, gossip, isolation... The regular.

    He has a room full of trophies, "collateral" that he has taken from people in this manner. In my case, he was after my car. He was too lazy to buy his own, so he targeted me to try and get my vehicle. And it -almost- worked. Once you become aware of a psychopath's methods, and stop believing that he/she is your "best friend in the whole world", the tactics become obvious. I went "gray rock" on him, and organized my escape within three days. Blindsided the fuck out of that bastard. He went from "sitting pretty" to "utterly fucked" in less than 24 hours. He had aligned all our mutual friends against me, told them I was on drugs (when in fact, he was dusting my weed with crack, at least twice)...

    So I lost most of my friends when I broke free, but honestly... All they had done with their lives was smoke pot, feel sorry for themselves, and play video games, for 20 years... And they were mad that I was getting in shape and banging goth sluts... It was no loss, in the end.

    So that was my MGTOW escape.. Cause the way I see it, MGTOW isn't -just- about freeing yourselves from the Gynocracy.. It's about freeing yourself from ALL parasites...

    So that's me.

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    Re: MGTOW vs Men

    There must be good roommates out there, but you never seem to hear of any. Roommate horror stories however, are a dime a dozen. There's an Army of people out there that don't respect anybody's rights or property. Most are so flakey they couldn't rent a place of their own if they wanted. They drift from room to room leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, and couldn't care less when someone else gets burned.

    One a the worst stories I heard was a guy and his girlfriend eating dinner and watching TV. The guys "roommate" comes in, dish's himself up a big plate without asking, then flops down, grabs the remote and changes the channel. That was more than enough, and this particular bum found himself looking for another room the next day. I shudder to think what these peoples family's must be like.

    I started with a derelict house, and the best part is I never needed roommates. Good thing too, I doubt either of us would be happy before long.
    Every day I make the world a little bit worse.

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    Re: MGTOW vs Men

    Strangely enough, I referenced this post in a response to a huMAN video. I find his MGTOW content to be very calming and positive, much like CoachGregAdams and Sunrise Hoodie. They aren't about the rage or nihilism... and MGTOW needs those kinds of voices in addition to the firebrands... anyways.

    I had to sever ties with some lifelong friendships, first because my childhood puppy-love became a con-artist, returned to my life and then cleaned me out; and later because, as I began to recover from that devastation... My old gaming buddies were not only enabling my addictions, they were enforcing mediocrity. They started making excuses for despair; and first undermining, then even sabotaging my efforts to achieve sobriety and pursue happiness. So I had to cut loose almost everyone I knew in order to embrace glory and freedom. And by the time I came to that decision... they had insisted (encysted!) on proving themselves, again and again and even Again... to be no loss. (shrug)
    I was thinking about that family of con-artists again. And how they expected me to not only compensate, but enable and even ENDORSE their irresponsibilities... And when I simply COULDN'T do that.. Their perspective was that I was the self-absorbed user that was dragging -them- down. I was using them?!

    But that's how they really saw it... And while my gaming-buddies hated seeing me knocked on my ass, and certainly helped me get back to crawling on my hands and knees... They despised it when I wanted to stand and walk on my own two feet. It was like.. yes, they wanted me to rise... but only to their level. Certainly not ABOVE their level. And it made me think of something... of how White-Knights not only enable gynocentrism.. They enforce it, without even knowing what they are doing. They demand it! So they must be (sometimes) be abandoned as well...

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