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    The long, long history of females.

    The long, long history of females:

    If you follow the history of the human race (assuming evolution) we get back to somewhere in Africa a somewhat long time ago. But if you follow the history of the female, you must go back even further. Back to apes and mammals, and birds...all the way back to amphibians and reptiles. Yup… even before then, there was sexual dimorphism. That is, differences between males and females of the same species. Since creatures began having sex there has been differences in not just sex organs, but size, coloring, ornamentation and sexual strategy, and behaviors.

    Why can I feel a brotherhood between myself and an African-American or Irish or Indian man, But not a woman? Well, because I feel that men really aren’t that different.

    But when I look into a woman’s eyes I see a female snake still wrapped around her limbic brain. Her ancestors are different than mine. Her behaviors speak of a game that's been played out for not just centuries but millions of years. She’s the one that picks the male with the nicest nest, she let’s the males fight over her, she is drawn to the best colorings, the best social status, or the leader of the pack. She tries to steal away a man who has proven himself with other females, she blends in while the male draws danger away, she kills the male after mating, she sneaks off to cheat on her partner.

    She is constantly on the look out for something better, whether it be purses, resources, or a new sex partner.

    Evolution isn’t so much of survival of the fittest but an evolution of sexual strategy. So here we are, millions of years later, and the game still plays on. Somewhere behind all the make-up, the selfies, the spray tans, and immaturity lies the ultimate female predator for the modern age. She wants to be seen as forever young (almost teenage-like), while extracting the most resources from the most amount of men she can get to socially orbit her, because in this society of seemingly limitless options...the best option is in never choosing. She’ll swing from tree to tree always looking for the best for herself.

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    Re: The long, long history of females.

    Preach it, brother! Preach IT!


    Yet the question, for me, remains: if we conclude that civilization kept feminine nature in check - and we assume that civilization has declined with reference to lack of observable controls on the worst of her behaviour - what metric are we to use to measure that level of decline so we may figure how/if things can be improved upon?
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    Re: The long, long history of females.

    The saddest thing is seeing them take their cult of irresponsibility, their scapegoating, their desire to censor out of insecurity, their lack of professionalism and carry it over into other domains. Organizations that subscribe to their ideals, who allow feminism to supplant traditional masculine values, will be uncompetitive and die. But not before they cause a lot of turmoil and unemployment. When they crash, I'm sure they'll be some innocent male observer they can blame for watching the building collapse and not do anything.

    >been played out for not just centuries but millions of years. She’s the one that picks the male with the nicest nest, she let’s the males fight over her, she is drawn to the best colorings, the best social status, or the leader of the pack....lies the ultimate female predator for the modern age.

    This is what is intolerable. Men have evolved by the trials our ancestors faced. Not just in mental and physical strength to hunt, but the mechanism of mutualism, of goodwill, of earning trust -- of all the traits that made civilization possible because we focused on characteristics that mattered, traits that even make collaboration possible. To put one's animal instincts, animal preferences aside. Forget economics, to make civil society possible by not always angling for advantage. Men were relieved by their animal instincts too over time because traditionalism taught them to not have to always jockey for animal rank.

    And now, we are back where we were tens of thousands of years ago, all that progress - gone. After all that effort to move mankind to their higher nature, a herculean task for the Church and others. It used to be that goodness was adaptive, and suddenly over the last 20 years, it became maladaptive. It used to be that being a person of ability used to be adaptive in the mating market 20 years ago, now it's maladaptive. And most annoying- women, with their amoral nature and shameless opportunism, are actually at an advantage to an unsuspecting masses that have trained in civilized, traditional ways for 10,000 years and take honesty and respecting your word as a given. The unevolved have advantages over the evolved by not being encumbered by a conscience.

    This is what men are awakening from. It's not marriage laws. It's not even society. It is the raw nature of the human female. It is a sick, sick thing. It is anachronistic - it does not belong in modern civilization. If it must remain, it must be seen for what it is; and treated accordingly.

    The enablers of this sick dynamic- white knights in social settings, white knight hiring managers, PUA who give importance to women in every setting (who claim to beat women at their own game, but collectively give importance to women by focusing their attention on them), male feminists, and the vast masses of conformist men who dare not question the socially engineered consensus about the angelic woman who is at least "equal" to a man if not "more equal". These men will be exposed as fools in at most two decades (and will surely claim they never supported it), but for now, they aid and abet.
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    Re: The long, long history of females.

    Quote Originally Posted by wayn View Post
    Why can I feel a brotherhood between myself and an African-American or Irish or Indian man, But not a woman? Well, because I feel that men really aren’t that different.
    Let's say you journeyed to Swift's land of the horses, and they decided to capture you and milk you for semen to improve their stock (same as we milk horses).

    Would you want the horse doing the milking to be a female?

    Hell yes. Yes you would. Same as stallions prefer to be milked by human females. Sex transcends species.

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    Re: The long, long history of females.

    The nature of women

    They were to graduated female 25+29 in a forum and discussing. They called themselves feminists and want equality and rank each other as strong, intelligent et cetera. The typical 'Power Woman' in the modern days.

    Let us look how modern or anachronistic they are (from what I remember):

    29) "My friend have to be on eye level with me." But days later she spoke that a man should be at least 1,80 m tall. She is 1,60 m 'tall' and had visible fat at her face, arms and thighs. Her face looked masculine. So as some way of compensation she let her hair grown long.

    25) Her friend lost his job. After four month she complained about this situation and sees no future if he is not able to change this. But there is no problem when the backwarded men are working and women doing the household. Come on. Don't bullshit me! I as a man also doing my household and work at the same time. There is no big deal in it. I don't have to wash my wear with bare hands or carry water from a water supply. We are living in modern times. We have machines/instruments for everything (car, washing mashine, oven etc.)! So women are pretending to suffer from housework. In real they are shopping, drinking their Latte Machiatto in a Cafe with friends and are lost in the internet.

    The both of them (25+29) didn't want to do their jobs till retirement in a later partnership! After a while they wanted to focus more to their leisure time activities. Okaaaay. And from where will the money for the life expenses come? Right: Men!

    29 and 25 are thinking about future kids. And the desire to be a good mother and pay a lot of attention to their kids. But always a men on their side is not 'necessary'. So they are intending a life model like my cousin:

    She is a loser in a working environment. After her baby she receives child alimony from the father of the child. Money from the welfare state. Money from her Sugar Daddy. Funny thing: She is hiding her Sugar Daddy from many relatives and friends (=embarassement of her situation).

    Once there was an article which shook my Blue-Pill-World:

    Men Not Working, and Not Wanting Just Any Job (New York Times, 31.07.2006)

    This was an eye-opener. Wow! Oh! It was like a mental orgasm. Later I read an article in the Newsweek about young male in Japan who doesn't want to live and work like their fathers.

    I want to finish my post with this statement:

    It's always worth an article if men 'rebel' to work or don't want to do what they 'have to do'. But in reality it's the modern woman who don't want to work anymore. There are so many nice things like Facebook, Shopping, aerobics classes (with new stupid names) or selfies with female friends. Let the backward men work. And when he comes home criticize him to not help her with the housework.
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