You’ve ever inconspicuously texted under the table or called from the bathroom another girl while you were on a date.
You’ve ever snuck out on a date going badly.
You’ve ever bailed on a date because you met a hotter girl in the interim.
You’ve ever walked into a first date’s apartment, made a bee-line for her bathroom, pissed on the seat, farted loudly, exited, and strolled up to her to plant a passionate kiss.
You’ve ever held two simultaneous relationships, one for “appearances”.
Your women get carried away and relent to raw dog in the heat of the moment.
You’ve ever brazenly lied to a woman to cover up an infidelity. And didn’t feel bad about it.
You’ve ever banged a woman while another woman’s life force was still adhered to your dick.
You’ve ever said “Are you fucking kidding me?” to an attractive woman.
You’ve ever banged a woman in public, within view of families.
You’ve ever legitimately forgotten about a woman you started dating. Super alpha bonus points if you met her on the street and had to stare blankly for five seconds before recollecting.
You’ve ever forgotten a woman’s name up through the third date. And didn’t bother apologizing for it.
You’ve ever steadily pressed for sex beyond three half-hearted “No”s, and achieved your goal.
You’ve ever replied more than an hour later after a girl texted, and it wasn’t a calculated maneuver. You genuinely didn’t feel like putting in the effort.
Girls cum with you in every sex position.
You’re not the one who’s nervous.
You’ve rarely*had to wait past the third*date for sex.
You’ve ever flirted with girls when every social expectation at the time was that you shouldn’t.
You’ve ever taken a call from a girl while another girl was sleeping naked against your bare chest.
You’ve ever walked away from a long-term relationship out of boredom.
You’ve ever had to deal with a pregnancy scare.
A girl has ever cried for you.
You’ve dumped more often than you’ve been dumped, and when the latter happened you rarely had a dry spell longer than a month.
You’ve ever scheduled two dates for the same night. Super alpha bonus points if both dates ended in bangs. Super alpha doubleplusalpha bonus points if both dates ended in bangs together.
You’ve ever banged a girl on the first date without either of you using the disinhibition elixir of alcohol.
You’ve ever dated a girl who was persuaded to, temporarily at least, acquiesce to your insistence on a one-way sexually open relationship.
You’ve ever acquired an honest-to-god stalker. (This may be indisputable proof*of alphaness.)
You’ve had girls approach you and solicit you for a drink, or even sex.
You’ve ever taken a girl home without needing an excuse to coax her compliance.
You’ve ever had a girl call you an asshole not long*before she succumbed*to*intimacy.
You’ve ever had a girl spend more on you than you on her before she offered her sex.
You’ve ever been eagerly paraded in the presence*of your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend.
You’ve ever had a girlfriend accuse you of cheating, even when you weren’t.
You’ve ever truly, madly, deeply loved two girls at the same time. And they loved you back.

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