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    Best Hook up Stories / ONS

    *Disclaimer: If you're not into ONS, Game, etc. please skip this thread. If you think hooking up is playing "russian roulette", this is a good one to pass over.

    What are some of your best stories of hooking up? Whether a plate, FWB, or ONS?

    Yes, we all know hooking up is not evidence of a better man, etc. - but it can be amusing. Tell the story and describe if you used any Game principles. I'll add my stories as well.

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    Re: Best Hook up Stories / ONS

    I got a FWB.

    I met a girl at a friend's house party. I chatted her up because the girl I wanted to talk to was busy, and she was there. So obviously I was making somewhat disinterested small talk. I had social proof as I was the host's superior in the Army reserve (though we are good friends). So I tell a story or two about the Army and my buddy, talk him up a bit, and ask her a few things... Yadda yadda yadda.

    But When I realized that Plan A female wasn't going to work out, I asked this other one as a total stab in the dark, for her number.

    Couple days later I called her and arranged a date out at an aerial park (obstacle-course / zip line type joint). Told her to bring money because they don't take credit card (demonstrating that I'm not going to pay for her). I see her for about a month, we scronk a few times. Some context: She's late 30's, very fit (I only date fit chicks), average face, and she's got an adult daughter. Runs her own commercial cleaning business.

    I write her off almost immediately for the following reasons:

    1. She votes hard-leftist, but underreports her income for tax purposes. To me, that's total hypocrisy. If she disagreed with high taxes and avoided paying, at least she would be consistent, but her total lack of introspection never revealed the cognitive dissonance of voting for higher taxes for everybody else, while avoiding them herself.
    2. She was still married - but seperated. And recently broken up from her boyfriend (not hubby). So... Yeah. A carousel jumper / vine swinger with two men 'in the picture' already.
    3. She had tattoos (that's a write-off for me. If you have ink, no relationship for you).
    4. She couldn't understand why her husband at the time got mad at her for getting one of her tattoos. She was a fan of some folk singer, and would travel to see his shows. So she gets the folk singer to sign her ass cheek with a pen at some show, and the next day she goes and gets his signature tattooed on her ass... And when she returns home, can't figure out why her husband would get upset that she got another man's name tattooed on her ass.
    5. She's a selfie-taking facebook addict who uses her athletic hobbies as a means to either meet guys or to build up her facebook persona as outdoorsy, interesting and 'genuine'.

    Even as a blue-pill guy at the time, I knew this one was trouble. All in all, a very pleasurable fuck (her hubby got her doing serious kegel exercises after the kid was born 18 years ago) but a thoroughly oblivious woman. Not malign per se, but oblivious to all but herself in the world. Anyways... She gets back together with the BF before me when I don't commit (she tried to grab the vine but it didn't stay in her grasp).

    So we lose touch for a while, she's back with the BF and I'm seeing another woman. Six months later I break up, Go My Own Way, and think no more of her. But she hears that I'm single again. So when she eventually dumps her BF again (because she is completely incapable of commitment to anybody) she sends me a facebook message.

    Here's the thing: I'm normally considered a Beta, but because I showed her no interest and walked away from easy pussy, for her I'm an Alpha. So now she's wanting to get together.

    About 10 days ago we met up at a restaurant (yes, I made sure she paid for herself again). Before I take her home, I tell her "I changed the sheets and got a clean towel out for you if you want to come over." Obviously she's good to go. Roommate was out, and I waited until he got home to make a move as I didn't want any post-sex change of heart to suck me into a false allegation nightmare, especially when I reject her again. So that worked out well. Roommate there to bear witness that she's a willing participant. But just in case I sent and got back a 'post-sex-happy text' just to be sure.

    I might call her up again. She keeps dropping relationship hints, but I'm blazingly clear that if we meet again it's sex only - I even told my buddy who introduced us just in case, and I'll withhold sex unless she asks for it in writing (pre-hookup 'sexting' and a post-hookup 'happy-text'). Can't be too careful.
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    Re: Best Hook up Stories / ONS

    Was cycling along a path and crashed into hot girl cycling around the corner in the opposite direction. Asked or her number before she left and banged her the next weekend. Probably the best hookup of all time for me.
    Marrying a woman is like taking a shit upside down every day for the rest of your life. Don't do it!

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    Re: Best Hook up Stories / ONS

    Got a few of those. One that comes to mind the most is actually my first lay. I was 19 at the time, I think, and starting uni. Met this chick during a party that older students threw for us freshmen. I think the thing that drew her to me was that I absolutely refused to be hazed by those assholes. Basically I just drank with the few cool people I met there, and ignored all the bullshit around me. At one point she came onto me, hard, and I ended up banging her an hour later. In full view of the whole damned party, as it turned out. See, we left the lights on, and the blinds open, as we were too drunk to notice or care. I ended up doing a LOT of high-fiving the following morning, let me tell you. She, not so much. Never seen or talked to her again.

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