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    Re: Does anyone have trouble ghosting in plain sight?

    Ghosting is an Art, its also called the "Grey Man". Its a thought out tactic and once mastered it can be very effective. In this society its easy to do, because everyone wants to be seen heard or make a statement. A Grey Man is one who can walk through a crowd and not be noticed. To move without being seen. It can be a life saver in some situations. You tube has some interesting videos on the subject. Some agree Some do not. I have worked at becoming a grey man for a few years and I like the talent -a lot. It saves me a lot of hassle and I very rarely have to deal with women because I'm not standing out drawing attention to myself. The less the attention the less I have to interact with them. I would encourage anyone to give it a try. Its a great lifestyle.

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    Re: Does anyone have trouble ghosting in plain sight?

    Being the grey man is a great strategy in a "shit hits the fan" scenario. You don't want to be seen as someone with means. I do think that ghosting in plain sight and being a grey man correspond very well. It's best to find a place where you can be yourself though as ghosting can get taxing. You have to decompress.
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