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No. No. No. Just no!

There is no such thing as a “partnership”. It’s part of the gynocentric social order to convince men that it’s somehow a good idea to partner up with a woman, because it’s only the woman who benefits from such a scenario. Men and women’s reproductive interests are at odds with each other. They are NOT compatible! Once you understand this, you understand that men and women can never be in a partnership. It’s either the woman who benefits from the arrangement or the man.

In our current society, with the laws the way they are and all men being ridiculous simps and pussies any “partnership” is only beneficial to the reproductive interests of the woman.

And no, there is never any time in life to be in such an arrangement.
Here's a good example of a simp sucking the ass out of a female cop that's using him as a fabricated witness for her false charges of disorderly.

The accused dude gives her the finger and she retaliates by falsely arresting him.

Quoting the simp's testimony to officer Cuntsworth for giving her the finger: "shouldn't do that to anybody, especially a woman".

Emasculated ballless simp sucking clit because he's brainwashed!

She took the masculine job of being the law's "strong arm" and he's tipping the scales in female favor because he believes women are "special".

Women make bad masons, bad ironworkers, and bad cops with little to no exceptions.