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    Anyone else listen to cult of black phillip?

    Im newer to the scene, i am a younger guy, probably top %30-20 of my peers. Ive been through a lot of shit so feel free to read my first post to get my background.

    Anyways, I actually ended up here through a comedian, Patrice O Neal (R.I.P.). He did a radio show for a little while there called "The Black Phillip Show" (play on Dr. Phil). I watched all the episodes on youtube and it gives you insight on his philosophies when it comes to women and relationships. Videos started popping up for red pill/MGTOW etc etc and through interest and further research, I ended up here. A lot of people on the show claim his philosophies saved relationships and even marriages sometimes. Of course women would call in and give their 2 cents; "woman hater, misogynist, blah blah" but most of the feedback was positive. I highly recommend you watch (way ahead of his time) and if you have what is your opinion on his approach to women?

    My understanding is that he was a fat, unattractive guy, he knew that, but his philosophy really got me to understand reality because of the way he explains things.
    Side note: I do not agree with everything he does or says, but it definitely got me wrap my mind around the reality of the world.
    He even brings in women as guests just to show how they think and how to combat their "feelings" with "logic".

    Here is the first episode if interested: The Black Phillip Show Episode 1 - Bing video

    It also gets pretty humorous at times. And even brings on other men to show different bachelor types/approaches.

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    Re: Anyone else listen to cult of black phillip?

    Recommend finding your goals first. MGTOW helps you not to deviate due to gynocentric societies.

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