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    Re: Red Pill reddit vs. MGTOW?

    This states the dichotomy so clearly, describes it so thoroughly, that it deserves to be part of MGTOW 101. - BeijaFlor

    Everyone keeps getting it wrong. No matter what the relationship, no matter what the woman, they all lead to the same place.

    Our lives revolve around Her Way. First, it starts with our mothers and then extends to our wives. That brief amount of time of freedom between being ruled by mother or wife keeps being considered 'bad' and 'loser town' on purpose.

    Her way! Her way! Her way! It is always her way!

    It is Her Way with finances.

    It is Her Way with food.

    It is Her Way with entertainment.

    It is Her Way with consumer spending.

    It is Her Way with where you live.

    It is Her Way with what car you drive.

    It is Her Way with what job you get.

    'Her Way' casts a shadow over our lives. Even when a woman is not present, Her Way still exerts influence. Currently, I am driving an old car that has 200,000 miles on it. Women tell me I should get a new car that will be more attractive to the ladies. Why would I go into debt for women who may or may not like the appearance of my car? This is how so many men end up with problems in their lives.

    Never in my life has any woman asked what I am looking for in a woman. While they have laundry lists and even volunteer telling us their 'standards' all the time, a man's standards are not considered. Hell, he should be happy with *any* woman, right?

    MGTOW means we stop going HER WAY. What happens is that the quality of our lives drastically improves. Do you know why, fair reader? It is because we cease to be a sacrificial animal. We start having confidence, more money, more adventures, and, ironically, more women become attracted to us. PUAs then start to study us for we are the 'natural alphas' because women are gravitating to us. MGTOW may be an oxymoron because to be a man you must go your own way. Men do not follow other people's ways especially HER WAY.

    PUAs are hostile to MGTOW because we don't buy their stupid books. Oh, the horrors! The PUA would have to get a REAL JOB. And then they would become more of a man instead of pretending to be one on the Internet. PUAs are Nice Guys 2.0. The differentiation between PUA and Nice Guy is that of tactics, the manner of being pussy-whipped remains the same.

    Her Way! Her Way! Her Way! What happens if men started going their own way? THIS is how MGTOW got started (I was there). MGTOW is a rejection of Her Way in terms of life. We reject the notion that Her Way is the Only Way. The fact that alternatives to Her Way are never considered or even brought up is worrisome. The fact that alternatives to Her Way are declared to be non-existent is terrifying.

    Men Going Their Own Way does not harm Her Way. She can keep going Her Way as long as she wants. However, if she cannot go Her Way without a man becoming transformed into a financial/sexual/emotion mule, then Her Way is the relationship of a parasite.

    Animals are stronger, more beautiful, and engage in Nature more fully without parasites. Men, also, are stronger, more beautiful, and engage in Nature more fully without certain women as well. And just as medicine removes the parasites that hurt the life of animals, so too is MGTOW the medicine that removes the parasites from men.

    Behold the man who goes Her Way (not a man with a woman but a man who dedicates his life to going Her Way). What do we find? We see hollowed-out eyes from a scared face. One who drinks too much. He desperately tries to talk to a man, any man, about something, as he is desperate for conversation. His body is either very thin like he escaped from a concentration camp or very fat like he is depressed and trying to solve it with food. He has little money and much debt. He has no adventures to call his own.

    It is perverse to assume Her Way is the Only Way. Nature infused liberty into men as well as women. With society's governments going broke and the spread of culture rot, maybe, just maybe, Men Going Their Own Way won't bring the Armageddon that people say it will.

    Society is founded on men going their own way. Art is created by men going their own way. Science is expanded by men going their own way. And the only way love can truly exist is for a man to go his own way.

    MGTOW creates options for men. Only an evil person would be against that.

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    Re: MGTOW vs Her Way - from 'Red Pill reddit vs. MGTOW?'

    Interesting read, and you make good points about the PUA vs. MGTOW. Feels like the transition is that the PUA is learning how to play "the game" and jump through all the hoops for the perceived pussy at the end of the confusing tunnel. Red Pill appears to go around the hoops and focus on the man's goals, with the subconscious hope that you'll play the game without realizing it. MGTOW just turns 90 degrees and tries to figure out the bigger questions.

    Doesn't necessarily mean complete abandonment of relationships (many guys are said to be married or still sleeping around/enjoying themselves), but to me feels like a man naturally should be MGTOW for a while in order to really figure out what they want. Otherwise the external influences of culture will seep in and trick you into thinking it's your own thoughts. Sounds slightly paranoid, but I'm finding it to be more true than not. Goes for girls as well, who don't know any better, because they haven't been shown what it's like to be a good woman.

    Been spending some time reading about Greek history, and although there are some negatives that should be taken in the same breath, it's eye opening to read about Spartan women and their character qualities. Makes someone who's lived in America his whole life begin to question what a "good woman" really is, and if the standards have dropped because there's no incentive for women to fulfill the role that is needed by a powerful society. (It's funny how I feel I need to say that it's totally cool if a woman wants a career...feels like a pussyfoot response from me out of fear of reprisal.) By no means does this provide an excuse for what we have around us now, but understanding history can help provide context for a man who's losing sight.

    Solid post, appreciate it.
    Mid 20s male learning from the greats

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