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    Core Concept: Alpha Widow

    Rollo Tomassi, of Rational Male, laid out a concept of an "alpha widow". This is a woman who sleeps with alphas in her 20s and, as a result, refuses to "compromise" for a beta male later on (or does so, grudgingly). This is true even in the case (and is mostly the case) where the alpha male discards the woman unceremoniously after he has his way with her. She still holds him above all others and seeks him out thereafter, whatever his poor behavior (and failing that, pines over him, sometimes for decades, as an example below shows).

    Tomassi explains the basic concept in his post "Slut Paradox" below. At the bottom, there are a few more articles on the subject:

    Every man wants a slut, he just wants her to be HIS slut.

    ANDREW DICE CLAY: Hey, is that your chick there?
    DICE: Damn she’s pretty hot!
    GUY: Yeah,..
    DICE: You been together a while?
    GUY: About 6 months.
    DICE: Nice. She faithful to you?
    GUY: Oh yeah.
    DICE: She good in bed?
    GUY: *nods head enthusiastically*
    DICE: She suck a good dick?
    GUY: (laughing) Ohhh yeah,..heheh,..
    DICE: I suppose the next question would be, “How do you suppose she got that way?”

    If you had an idealized Quality Woman girlfriend who was smoking hot, well adjusted mentally, loyal, would make a good mother, came from a good family, etc. etc., but would only ever begrudgingly have sex with you, in missionary position only, never consider giving you head, and only once a month (in 13 minute increments) because she’d been conditioned to believe that sex was immoral and she didn’t want to be thought of as a slut, would you marry her?

    This is the Slut Paradox that vexes contemporary man; what number of prior lovers can a woman have that would be acceptable for you? Seven? Five? How many hobby horses should there be on the cock carousel before a woman is a slut? Don’t bother answering this, because for your average (beta) man, the number – even if you could get full disclosure – is irrelevant to him.

    You see, thanks to the pre-existing social infrastructure that the feminine imperative has established, the average man can’t believe his luck when he finally does become sexual with a woman – whether it’s his first time or it’s the hundredth with his wife. So high is her pedestal that it’s literally a twist of fate. The gods have smiled upon him with the sexual favors of a woman, and his good fortune is made all the better when his lover already knows how to perfectly suck his cock just like the women in all the porn he’s watched since he as twelve. No questions are asked – you don’t qualify a gift from the gods, you just accept it.

    The Slut Paradox is a very complex issue because it wraps up so much social, emotional and biological importance and details. I’m using the ‘average’ man here as a starting point because he’s the social majority; he’s the benchmark for how both genders approach the paradox, because it’s his discretion to give a woman’s sexual past any kind of gravity. For as much as women will bleat on about “slut status” and double standards, it really all comes down to how the average – in this case beta – male contends with (or doesn’t) a woman’s sexual past. As enlightened Game-aware Men we’re largely exceptions to this rule, or at least blamefully aware of the mechanics of it.

    In the initial attraction and arousal stages of a sexual pairing, the average guy doesn’t care about a woman’s prior sex life. It’s only after that pairing becomes solidified that it becomes a consideration.

    Unless a woman is a porn actress, I don’t think it’s the number of guys that bothers Men; and I don’t even think it’s the details of how many dicks she’s had. What’s bugs men is that they want to possess her. Men want her genuine desire, but know other guys have had it already and moved on – and they’re cool with it, and she’s cool with it, but he’s not because he wants to own her. He wants to know that he’s getting the best of what she has to offer sexually and emotionally. He wants to know that HE’S the guy who brings out the slut in her that no other guy has experienced fully.

    This is the root of paradox issue. The average guy is playing by the feminine imperative’s stated rule set. He wants monogamy, he had to work at it. He had to negotiate with her for what she willingly, genuinely, desired to do with 5 other guys (assuming she’s honest). And on some level, he knows her desire for him is compromised because he had to plead his case with her so she’d warm up to him. Only now that he’s gotten what he’s idealized for so long he realizes other’s have had it before him without anything that comes even close what he invested to get.

    Alpha Widows

    Now before I get run up the flagpole here, I’m completely aware of the studies indicating a woman’s capacity to bond monogamously is inversely proportionate to the number of sexual partners she’s experienced prior to monogamy. I wont argue the merit of that concept, but I also don’t think that it fully encompasses the dynamic. I say this because, as Katy Perry so adequately illustrated recently, even ONE prior lover (or even unrequited obsession) can be Alpha enough to upset that bonded monogamous balance. These are the Alpha Widows – women so significantly impacted by a former Alpha (or perceptually so) lover that she’s left with an emotional imprint that even the most dutiful, loving beta-provider can never compete with. A woman doesn’t have to have been an archetypal slut in order to have difficulty in pair bonded monogamy.

    So again I’ll ask, how many is too many? For an Alpha Widow, one’s enough. It’s my contention that the Slut Paradox isn’t a numbers game so much as it’s an Alpha impact game. What if your new partner has only banged a mere 2 men before you, but engaged in intense sexual experiences she feels self-conscious about doing with you? Is she a slut?

    As a final thought, I should add that women have long been aware of the utility that the Slut Paradox represents in maintaining primacy for their sexual strategy. I elaborated on this in the The Tool of ASD,

    Other articles on the "Alpha Widow"
    • Generation Alpha- Rational Male. Summary: TV culture has warped women's expectations into b*tching & moaning about any guy who is somehow imperfect and less than their alpha dreamboats they see on TV getting with substandard girls.
    • Five Minutes of Alpha = Fifty Years of Pining - Chateau Heartiste. Summary: Illustrates how deeply embedded the impact of an alpha experience is on a woman, that she'll savor it decades later.

    Supplementary Reading - the intersection of Hypergamy and "Alpha Widows"

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    Re: Core Concept: Alpha Widow

    Good Grief women are revolting.

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    Re: Core Concept: Alpha Widow

    Rollo Tomassi has got some really worthwhile and in-depth articles.

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    Re: Core Concept: Alpha Widow

    That was a great read, highly informative, and I do believe it to be largely true based on my anecdotal experience and that of other men.

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