Member registered March 2019, stated in PMs with me that he was new to forums and was hesitant to post an Intro but, after PMing with me, he did so.

His last post was April 5 where he created this thread:

open letter to men

and, after several of us responded to his Post #1, I see that he went back and replaced it with this apparent goodbye:

I originally was just going to thank the site for there good work and i have , so it's time for me to go.

Thank you again gentlemen
Now maestro if you would be kind enough to do your thing
Perhaps, in his newness to forums, he was offended by assuming our comments were directed at him personally, but they weren't. I don't now recall what his Post #1 originally contained but it caused me to ask him to source it (Post #3). His replacement message is a bit oblique.

Really can't say what went on in his mind.

Now that time has gone by, I see he has not returned to the site and I also now see that somewhere along the line he visited his profile and disabled our ability to PM or VM him. I cannot communicate with him.

I guess this all adds up to his request to close his account. I guess I am the maestro.