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    Fuck this guy.

    Insulting other members:

    • Man STFU. Just admit you still want validation from women and SJWs.
    • Mgtower is a weak selective hypocrite. It ain’t first time I encounter him on here. My posts did not encourage violence towards women. Guys like...

    This bullshit:

    • MGTOWer you attacked me first, so don’t claim to be a victim of anything. I finish beefs and don’t take my foot off the enemy’s neck until he or she...

    You do not "finish beefs" around here, you report posts to the mods.

    But this earns you an instant permaban from me:

    • LOL I guess speaking your mind gets on banned on MGTOW forums. MGTOW forums have always been a joke
    • oh so you guys discriminate against men with mental illnesses. You’re no better than the SJW neo feminists.

    Aka "change the rules to accomodate me", and the biggie: "you guys are just like feminists".

    Find another forum, truth. Go away.

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    Re: Truth

    Yeah, that guy was poison. I also went ahead and deleted his "My passive aggressive method on getting revenge" as it doesn't provide anything of value to the conversation. It's a soft delete, so if you guys did wanted to bring it back for any reason, you could. I just don't see anything at all worthwhile in a thread about stupid revenge tactics. Those truly dedicated to MGTOW choose to move on and thus don't need petty bullshit like revenge.

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