I awarded both mdjs89skl and Toolband89 infractions for their activity on this thread: https://www.goingyourownway.com/mgto...he-risk-15292/ .

mdjs89skl then had an exchange with Brock. Brock's post:

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There's an old quote that fits perfectly here- "Never argue with idiots, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference." With that, I bid you adieu.
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Skip to the part where I'm supposed to give a fuck. Im not finding it.
Brock is commenting on an older post. Fine.

mdjs89skl's reply:
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The older I get the less patience for retards and trolls I have. A "fuck off" generally suffices these days. I don't owe anybody anything.
That is, here in reference to the post Brock has reposted, mdjs89skl calls Toolband89 a 'retard' and a 'troll'.

When you are issued an infraction for insulting other members, do not double down and insult them again.

7-day ban.