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    BedroomBully - 7 day ban

    This thread:

    Mr BB has decided - what? That the guy that owns this site and pays for the hosting, and the people that he has put here to put out fires occasionally are the enemy? Tell ya what, BB: purchase some software and run your own MGTOW site. It's a free internet.

    Here's BB's posts:
    Most people form paragraphs and not just rant like diarrhea of the mouth.
    I think I lost brain cells reading that. Are you on any medication by chance? SSRIS maybe?
    An adult playing a child's fantasy game. If not gay then definitely weird.
    BB: we are on it. We are paying attention. We moderate this site, which is to say: we keep things moderate. Be civilised. Be adult.

    7-day ban.

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    re: BedroomBully - 7 day ban

    He has a bad-habit of insulting other members. I was just on my way to give him an infraction for that, but this is probably even better. I support this decision.

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