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    Open Relationship party: the after-report

    Okay, so as I'm mentioned before, I'm polyamorous. It means multiple romantic relationships. This is different from swinging, which is pretty much just rutting-around. There was a party for one of the local "secret societies" that I'm a fringe member of recently. I can't get too specific without doxxing myself, but a few things I noticed.

    One, was that the thing basically revolved around one Chad-light. Really tall and outgoing, he literally scored a threesome in less than two-minutes. He was all over practically every girl, and they were all over him. In fact, some of them were all over everybody who came nearby. In this regard, it seemed to -very- swingish to me. And that's totally not my thing. I've always preferred quality over quantity, and while I still got mangled, at least I wasn't hoggin'.

    I was there to survey the scenery, and engage with one or two girls I kinda dig. The girl I brought to the party never gets to leave the house practically (long doxxish story) so once she got some booze in her she made-out with practically the entire party. I felt a bit put-off, so I just kept yacking with this one chick. Who turned out to be Chad-light's longterm side-thing.

    It was amusing to me, how every time I stepped away for a smoke, Chad-light was right back there loving on her and taking selfies and effectively "scent-marking" her. This guy was threatened by me. At one point, he even laughed at what I was drinking and snatched it away to guzzle some, before handing it back and offering most insincere thanks (much to the embarassment of this girl)...

    I damn near responded "None taken" with a wink... but he isn't important to me. The girl somewhat turned me off, and at this point if I nailed her it would mostly be just to cuck him. I spotted a couple "mice" more to my liking, as this is a single-mom and I have no interest in jumping on -that- bayonet.

    Also, most of the "alpha-bros" in the group stood around talking to each other, rather than engaging with the girls. Unlike Chad-light, they didn't seem to base their self-worth off of scoring every chick in sight. Had I been able to drink, I doubtless would have joined in the fun, but I'm clean now, so whatever. All us Beta-nerds had a good time bullshitting, and honestly it was fun time. Especially when the only other "blue-collar" guy showed up. We bonded instantaneously, and I might hang out with him sometime just cause he's a hoot, and his girlfriend likes me.
    There were plenty at the party who behaved like adults instead of drunk-teenagers, and I just hung with them. I'm going to follow up on the mice at my leisure.

    Chad-light amuses me greatly, because he's so incredibly transparent, and the girls just don't care because he's tall. And the fool just became a Dad recently, and his wife already reeks of 'entitlement queen'... I project ten years before he's homeless and starving just like I was. At one point in the past I half-considered warning him, but after meeting him in the flesh?

    Yeah... yeah, I'm just gonna watch that punk eat pavement. ]=)

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    Re: Open Relationship party: the after-report

    Forget about helping out chad. He will resent you for it.
    Sounds like you have a pretty nice lifestyle there mate! If I wasn't such an ugly motherfucker, I would definitely want to do what you are doing - the people seems more honest about their desires than your average Joe and Jill.
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