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    4 of 10 Signs of a Toxic Relationship. She blames you or tries to pin the blame on you for small things

    10 Signs of a Toxic Relationship

    4. She blames you or tries to pin the blame on you for small things

    I originally found this article at A Voice for Men (India). Unfortunately, the article can not be found and the website if by some chance you do happen to find it please send it my way. This though is my dissertation of this article
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    re: 4 of 10 Signs of a Toxic Relationship. She blames you or tries to pin the blame on you for small things

    That's baby food, he's talking about "active relationshits", go further and deliver them to their deceitful devices, get hated by feminists for giving them exactly what they demand, shaken, packed down, and overflowing.

    Give them a world without men. Give them nothing, it's what they've earned.

    The woman's revolution and liberation against and subjecting men, has passed the point of no return, to deny the Wall it's just reward is to deny justice the only path it has, and harness you to injustice and ill will.

    As men awaken to the facts dictated by law and ill public order, our numbers will only multiply as our message gets out that there's only one answer and that's independence and sovereignty in a world that uses and abuses us as the harnesses of tyranny pull ever so harder, ever so longer.

    The female condition under this ongoing cultural revolution has blossomed into a turd that can not be polished, if you try, you'll get shit allover your life.

    Smoking LTR's, marriage, whores, and everything in between has proven to me the best a man can do in times like these.

    I am not my my rebellious sister's keeper, let her perish in the city she set on fire, anything otherwise is to be her sacrificial man to place between her and the fire.

    There's no more red pills for me to eat, I ate them all...
    Are the laws and order within your society a bit unreasonable, counterproductive, and even hazardous? That's the mark of feminism diligently at work in your society. Need relief? MGTOW is the only ejection seat available to men facing this live systematic crash and burn scenario.

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