Yes, Charlie was and is participating with what is going on at CNN I do have nothing but contempt for CNN and what they doing, that said though you can still have and feel sympathy for the guy

Charlie Chester fell victim to one of the oldest traps in the book. And while I have nothing but disdain for CNN and what it's become and the consequences for Charlie Chester were steep. I cannot help but feel a little sorry for Charlie. His only real issue was that he needed a female connection. There is a lesson here for men especially MGTOW men

I understand the drive that men have for sexual connection. What you need to understand here from what happened to Charlie is that even if by chance you happen to meet a woman. In this environment, even the right woman still has a loaded gun pointed at your head

Always keep that in mind, especially as you're watching this video. And yes you can still feel sorry and have compassion for someone even if you disagree with what they do