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    Controlling the Narrative

    This is about action, it's not really a plan of action. It's also not MGTOW, but the same dynamics vis-a-vis SJWs.

    Say what you will about SJWs, but they are absolute masters of controlling the narrative. Now, part of this has to do with their absolute dominance of popular culture. The same dynamic that kept the majority of the subjects from saying the Emperor has no clothes is in play.

    Even so, they are johnny-on-the-spot when it comes to spinning the narrative and insist that you're not actually seeing what you're seeing.

    A popular tactic is to say, "well, to the untrained eye, it sure looks like whatever you say it is, but if you'd been indoctrinated in the proper hidden wisdom like me, you'd actually know that what you're seeing really just proves my point and not yours."

    People opposed to SJWs don't naturally do this because we're naturally honest. We don't like mucking about in deception.

    Every time I come up with an example contravening the supposition of pervasive sexism, racism, whatever, I'm almost immediately met with a narrative regarding why I'm wrong and why my example still proves the SJW's point. The most egregious personal example I have regards "privilege." I grew up poor. Really poor. I worked really hard in school (the school on the "wrong" side of town no less) and got a merit-based acedemic scholarship to college, and then, a professional degree.

    I literally knew no one in my profession. No relatives or friends of mine were anything but working class or students. During a time of recession, while women in my class were offered jobs immediately upon graduation, I was on my own. No one would hire me. I had to pound pavement, find clients, and learn the ropes on my feet. All by myself. I was in crushing poverty at this point. Now, through hard work, I've built up a network of professional contacts, assembled a portfolio of clients, and have a sustainable income. Some sort of "privilege" in no way benefited me. And yet, now I'm faced with articles with topics like "explaining to a broke White man why he's privileged."

    Counter-narratives like that keeps my example from getting any traction in society at large.

    Those of us opposed SJWs need to learn how to do this. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to finally have a concrete example of their depravity only to know it's dead on arrival due to SJW counternarratives.

    We need to learn to put out counter-narratives.

    What made me think of this was the Bundy verdict. In case you forgot, the Bundy family out west rounded up an armed posse and took over a gift shop in the middle of nowhere on federal land.

    They were charged in federal court, and apparently acquitted.

    The SJWs heads are exploding on social media. SEE, they scream, PRIVILEGE.

    When I saw that, it made me think of myself. Hey, I said, that reminds me of me. And every time I find a concrete example that proves my point, all the SJWs come out with a host of reasons why the example doesn't prove my point.

    We really need to do that here (again, I know this isn't MGTOW, but it's anti-SJW, so the framework would be the same). In this case, the Government didn't make it's case. Period. When the federal government brings criminal charges, they don't expect to lose, and they usually don't. What happens in politicized cases is the prosecutors over-reach for PR purposes. The trouble with over-reach is you end up charging someone with a felony when you only have enough solid evidence for a misdemeanor. I suspect that's what happened here. The Government took weeks to present their case. I'm sure there was some essential element that they just didn't prove. Bottom line, it's not "privilege." If the feds can put you in jail, they will. Ask Martha Stewart. Where was her privilege? What was her crime? Giving inaccurate information to federal investigators.

    Anyway, if we're truly tired of SJWs, we need to start engaging them and shutting them down. The counter-narrative is a useful tool for that.
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    Re: Controlling the Narrative

    Perhaps the SJW word intersectionality itself can be put to good use. Whereas women use it to make connections between perceived oppressions across different or various unrelated categories, men can adopt it to point out connections we make between women's hypocrisies and double standards without necessarily referring to them as hypocrisies and double standards.

    For example:

    Me, in a blog: "Listen, if a woman can contemplate or get an abortion with all that it entails, then she has what it takes to be responsible for herself when she goes out, drinks, and leaves a night club with a man for purposes of having sex."

    SJW: "WTF does one have to do with the other? You obviously do not know what it is like to have been r*ped. Check your white male privilege."

    Me: "The intersectionality of abortion and recreational sex shows the disparate elective levels of demonstrated ability of women to navigate situations that require similar patterns of intellectual engagement well within their purview."

    Or may be you can think up your own word salad. Whew. I almost puked when I wrote that last thing. I just strung a bunch of words together that generally restated the desired comparison, but I fluffed it up a bit, hopefully to drag the SJW into that Land-O-Bullshit where she stops talking because I didn't give her recognizable text that she could lookup in her Handbook of SJW Comebacks.
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    Re: Controlling the Narrative

    I like to remind these SJWs that my genitals we're fucking mutilated when i was a baby, and it's still happening everyday to only MALE babies all over America. Then i tell them to check their own fucking privilege. Havent gotten any good counter-arguments from those posts yet!
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    Re: Controlling the Narrative

    Quote Originally Posted by Chukhed View Post
    I like to remind these SJWs that my genitals we're fucking mutilated when i was a baby, and it's still happening everyday to only MALE babies all over America. Then i tell them to check their own fucking privilege. Havent gotten any good counter-arguments from those posts yet!
    When I talk about Circumcision, all I get is comments from fascist, psuedoscientists of how many health rights I get after someone tortures me, violates my human-rights, and says F--- YOU to consent.

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