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About Right Hand Wolf

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About Right Hand Wolf
51 years old, never married, no kids.
Recovering idealist, practicing cynic.
Full time smart ass in a part time world.

I do write lyrics, so this might give a sense of what I'm about

River of Time

In 1984 I graduated high school
I had no big plans, wasn't really sure what I would do
I was young and naive, so sure I had it made
But now I've learned most of the tricks
that life can play along the way
It can be enough to drive you right out of your mind
Being carried along by this river of time

In 1987 I took off late one night
A friend was in trouble, did what my heart said was right
To my family and friends it was to hard explain it
But I would do it again so don't think I'm complaining
A helping hand can be so very hard to find
Through the white water rapids of this river of time

O, this river of time . . .
Forever on it flows . . .
Just where we might end up someday, I can't say
Because God only knows
People come and go in your life
but the wheel always comes back around
Don't try to swim against the current
Because this river will just wear you down . . .

in 1988 I tried to make a life with my girl
The dream disintegrated, felt like the end of the world
I guess we drifted apart, they say it happens sometimes
We went our separate ways to live our separate lives
You have to learn to let go have some peace of mind
or for sure you're gonna drown in this river of time

I fell from out of the blue and right into the black
I was lost for awhile, but I found the way back
I made a promise to myself that I'm not giving in
Now that my bonds have been broken
I'm free to start living again
With one last look, I'll leave the past behind
As I round the next bend in this river of time
Austin, the capital city of America's largest tornado ranch and petting zoo!
Severe weather, fire science, music, history and knowledge simply for the sake of knowledge.
Diabolical Mastermind in training.
Force Ghost


The reason it's called the American dream is because you gotta be asleep to believe it.
Saint George of the Seven Sacred Words (George Carlin)

American women tend to have rather exotic taste when it comes to pets.
They want a Mustang in the driveway and a Jaguar in the garage.
They want a mink in the closet and a tiger in the bedroom.
But what they want most is a jackass to pay for it all. -


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