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I've been MGTOW since 2003. I've been treated very badly by American women and as a result, I refuse to marry one or enter into a relationship with one. The only logical thing to do is deny them favors and avoid them as much as possible. They aren't even real women. I've lived in Asia for three years and that is where I really noticed a huge difference in non-feminist women. I didn't marry anyone from Japan but I have friends who did, and their wives are what I would consider real women.

I joined the military several years ago, and Japan was my first duty station. I was there for two years, then went to Korea for a year after that. I didn't have a relationship in either country, but women in both countries treat men with respect and are much more well-behaved than American women. There was a bit of culture shock when I came back to the USA. I didn't like it. The first thing I noticed when I came back was how fat the women are in the USA. And, they were loud and obnoxious, and incredibly rude.

Today, as I write this, is Sunday, but I didn't go to church today. I normally attend every week. Last week though, as I was leaving, I said "See you next week." and waved to one of the women there as I was passing by in leaving, and she made a rude little scoffing noise. I noticed that American women like to do that. I don't know why she didn't smile and wave back at me and say goodbye, and instead chose to scoff. Normally that one little thing wouldn't prevent me from attending a church. However, in this particular church, 98% of the people there are grossly overweight, including every single woman there. It's a disgrace. I think it's partly because of the degenerative culture that America has anymore, and partly due to the area that I live in, which is a low income/low IQ part of the southeast U.S.A.. No Japanese or Korean woman that I met when I lived in Asia ever acted like that. I'm not going to abandon my faith, but it's discouraging when one goes to what is supposed to be a congregation of kindred spirits, and it's full of poorly behaved landwhales. There are no marriage-quality women in churches these days (except in churches located in Asia). I have learned to avoid contact with American women as much as possible, even in church. I don't want to talk to them at all.

What would a Japanese woman think, if one visited this church? She would probably not return again.

I treasure the time I got to spend in Japan and Korea. The women there radiate femininity like the sun radiates sunshine. There was a Japanese liaison in our building who was bi-lingual, and she was very polite and helpful, and kind. She was already married, and if she had not been, I would have wanted to date her. What a wonderful woman. She sent me a message last year because I was originally going to go to the same base in Japan again instead of returning to the USA. I asked for that assignment to be cancelled though, so that I could be closer to my family. I am regretting that decision very much now. My immediate family is causing a lot of drama right now. My sister is a communist and feminist, and is causing drama and telling lies about me. My mother and father are feminists too, and they are causing some drama along with my sister. Everyone in my immediate family and most of the people in my extended family are blue-pill feminists. I really wish I had stayed overseas and gone back to Japan instead of the USA. There was a death in the family while I was overseas though, and that shook me up, and that's what prompted my decision to return. All things regrettable in all aspects.

I don't think it is my destiny in life to be married or be in a serious relationship with a woman. The feminists and the family court system and divorce courts destroyed any hope of having a good marriage "till death do us part." It's more like "till the woman gets bored and divorce rapes the man and monkeybranches to another man." If I had been born into an Amish community, life would be different. I believe that the only safe way for a man to be married anymore is to either be born Amish, or go back in time 50 years and have a marriage to a traditional Japanese wife. Neither of those are an option, however. Therefore, I have decided that the safest and most logical decision is to not marry. It is the only way to avoid the catastrophe of feminism and divorce court.

If I married a Japanese woman, I would be worried that if I brought her back to the USA, that the fat ugly feminists would pile on top of her and spew all kinds of feminist doctrine at her, and whisper "your husband is abusing you" into her ear for the rest of her life. Not all Asian women would succumb to that, but it's not worth the risk. I have observed Japanese couples in marriages and I believe they are much more long-lasting and happy than American ones. I was not born in Japan though, so I think that is not my lot in life. Do I regret that, or wish to change that? Well, where a man is born is where he is born, and there is no changing that. I simply have to make the best of the situation in life.

I have a friend who was stationed with me in Japan, who married a cute Japanese girl and brought her back to the USA. I lost track of him since then, but they had a cute daughter together. I hope everything works out for him and that he has a happy and fulfilling life. His wife seemed very polite, and very reserved. She wasn't at all like the fat, foul-mouthed, obnoxious American women we have here in the USA. I really wish him all the best. Unfortunately, I've lost track of him, don't have his phone number, and he's not on facebook (and neither am I). So I have no way of contacting him. Maybe I will run into him later in life.

I think he chose not to re-enlist and got out of the military for the same reason I plan on doing the same. Our first duty station was a great place, but had a lot of nasty people in the unit (I mean the Americans, not the Japanese people). The terminology "blue pill" and "red pill" and "MGTOW" were not mainstream at the time, but we both realized how crazy American women were. There were two American women in our barracks building who were going around sleeping with a lot of different men in the barracks, and they were both crazy. He decided to marry a Japanese woman, and that was a wise decision for someone like him who wanted to start a family.

These days, I occupy my time with photography, and studying electronics. I'm biding my time, waiting until my enlistment is over and I can go back to being a civilian and have my freedom back again (what is left of it in America, anyway).

I really loved Japan. I once interviewed for a job there, but the interviewer said that I didn't have enough travel experience, and that's why he was reluctant to hire me. I'm considering the idea of re-applying for that job, now that I have lived overseas and I have the travel experience. I might just do it! I don't speak much Japanese. I spent the last year studying Spanish instead. But I figure, I'll only live once. I want to live life to the fullest. I don't know if it's a good decision financially or not. It would be a one-year contract and the salary would be $40,000 USD before tax. I would be working like a Japanese salaryman, which is to say, 10 hour days five days a week. Maybe six sometimes. And it would delay my getting established in my regular career after I exit the military. Future prospective employers might wonder why I chose to do that after the military instead of going straight back into my semiskilled trade job. I think it might be worth it though. I wouldn't be going there to chase women. I'd be going there for the culture. The people over there really are that great. I don't mean to be unpatriotic, but it's easier to make friends with people in Japan than it is in the USA. It isn't a totally "closed culture" as you might hear some American people say. It's a safer, politer, quieter, more professional place.

American women are just so rude. Just one example is my neighbor who lives downstairs in the apartment below mine. She rolls up into the parking lot anytime from 10-midnight (and I have to be up really early for work the next day) with bass blasting out of her car and leaves it there for a few minutes with the bass pounding, just in case I am still asleep. This part of town is a bit trashy and I am moving next month to another area. But that sort of behavior is something that is typical in many places in the USA, but unheard of in Japan.

I think it was easier to make friends with Japanese people. It's different there. You show a little politeness and people really appreciate it. I was on a train there one day and I was sitting down in one of the little plastic seats. A very old man or old woman, I forget which - came onto the train and I stood up and held onto the hand rail because there were no more seats left. Later a Japanese woman told me that was a kind thing to do. And people don't act like animals on the public trains there like they do on the public transportation here. In the USA sometimes I think a person is lucky to not get mugged on the subway. In Japan everyone is polite on the trains and nobody eats or drinks or talks on the phone, or plays music without earbuds. Imagine someone trying to enforce those rules in America. I'm sure a riot would break out.

Anyway that's part of my story from Japan. I've lived in a few other foreign countries and America had the worst behaved women. I try not to be consumed by or dwell on frustration with my current situation or my dislike of feminists. I truly believe heaven will punish or reward people based on how well they treat others. But when I look left or right in America, I see fat whorish females who are tattooed up and I can hardly hold in my resentment and disgust for them sometimes. Feminism is and will be the undoing of America.
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