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a homosexual; yea a HOMO; I'm one of THOSE but I'm a homo NOT gay; gay is cultural; gay is wanting to be able to "get married" and "have kids" and be like "normal straight people"; i'm not interested; it's okay to be gay but i just don't care for it.; i prefer being around straight men; all my friends are straight; they know me; i admire them for who they are but i'm no groveler; platonically and intellectually i give as good as I get (usually better); they whine to me about their relationships; I admire them for being straight and then pity them for being for straight as women tend to cause them a great deal of problems when they aren't causing them a great deal of happiness.

I see it from an outside viewpoint. I don't live my life based on my sex drive but like every other male, I can't get away from it either. I can't prove it scientifically, but we males (homo and hetero) have the same engine; it's just the steering that's fucked up. For all your problems with women, I'd trade with any of you in a second but that's just not how it works. That's why I admire you. On the other hand, you poor poor wretched sons of bitches. Sometimes I think it would be better just to put all of you out of your misery as the most humane thing to do. I sometimes wonder how straight men can be so clueless as to what they are dealing with. On this site though, it does seem they are a little less so even if most men here seem bitter and a little banged up from their relationship experiences.

I don't care for women; I don't like the way they act and think. And I don't see them through the "rose-tinted glasses" of sexual need that all of you are afflicted with. Maybe most/some/all of you straight guys can tolerate me here but I apologize in advance if I offend with my "different viewpoint". I'm just calling it how I see it, and I try to be honest and ratoinal. I believe in good civil intellectual and philosophical conversations. And I will always try to respect you for being straight and that my viewpoint is the minority.
honest rational discussion but remaining anonymous in a world where privacy is gone


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