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  1. Hope ya going well joe . (Humor) Glad you survived our drop bears back then after your port of call back then . Lol .

    Enjoyed our chat long ago and haven't forgotten your story .

    Been marching the beach and been swimming in the surf . Building up fitness with a goal for next year to swim the gutters that run along the coast line in were the waves break in the surf from currumbin to tallabudgerra creek . Using currents . Fixing my self .

    Ya old sea dog . Thought of you the other day while in the surf . That blue beauty and openess of the ocean i hope you still enjoy in memory . That smell of salt air (i don't notice probably that much from living next to it ) i hope you still keep .

    Got a few things going on in life so if i don't answer back straight away i will in time .

    Hope you have a good day . Ya a top bloke bro
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