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I'm MGTOW Level 3.


1. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: Back in 2009, I challenged myself to create a computer language compiler. My 1st computer was an Apple II, purchased in 1981, and I learned Applesoft BASIC as a kid. I challenged myself, as a hobby, to create my own version of BASIC for the Windows Operating System. It took many years, and over 140,000 lines of very tightly written C++ code--- to create CYBOSS BASIC. I even trademarked the name and logo "CYBOSS" [USPTO Reg. #4725357] and this software can be downloaded and used completely free of charge. It includes an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with an embedded 800+ page technical reference manual. Message me if you would like a download link. There is no market for BASIC programming languages, so there's no point in trying to sell it; however I love using Cyboss BASIC myself, and often do.

2. COSMOLOGY: After reading, "Big Bang Blasted" by Lyndon Ashmore, PhD., I believe that both the age and size of the Whole Universe is UNKNOWABLE, given our present level of technology. Furthermore, I believe that the effect known as "Gravity" is caused by mass casting tired light shadows. To wrap your head around this concept, you have to:

(a) accept that Lyndon Ashmore is correct in his theory that "redshifting" of photons in interstellar space is caused by interactions between photons and electrons. This means that SPACE DOES NOT EXPAND, and the BIG BANG NEVER HAPPENED; a hard thing to swallow for all those indoctrinated into the expanding universe religion, which wrongly claims redshift to be some sort of proof of expansion.

(b) accept the definition of the "VISIBLE UNIVERSE" to encompass a spherical region of space which contains the stars and galaxies which are detectable by mankind's most advanced telescopes.

(c) accept the definition of the "INVISIBLE UNIVERSE" to mean, everything which exists outside of the Visible Universe.

(d) imagine using a child's marble, perhaps an inch in diameter, to represent the Visible Universe; now throw this marble into the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Ocean and everything beyond, represents the potential size of the Invisible Universe.

(e) accept that photons have momentum; that when a photon strikes an object of mass, it imparts an infinitesimal linear force on such mass. [Note: Main stream science is beginning to accept 'Light has Momentum' as a scientific fact, by updating the famous E=MC^2 equation to account for this phenomena.]

(f) accept that the reason we can't see stars and galaxies that exist within the Invisible Universe, is because all such celestial bodies are so very distance from us; that by the time their photons reach us; these photons have been redshifted to such low frequencies that we are unable (using present day tech) to resolve their images. These low energy photons are called "Tired Light".

(g) accept that the pressure exerted on all mass by all the Tired Light from the whole of the Invisible Universe is so great... that when any single object of mass shadows part of this Tired Light from any other object of mass; the shadowing effect gives rise to the phenomenon known as Gravity, in a way similar to how low air pressure gives rise to Lift on an airplane wing. For example: Two asteroids floating in space cast tired light shadows on each other, which causes a [relative] Tired Light pressure drop on the side of each asteroid which faces the other. This relative pressure drop is the force we label Gravity; and is why we "perceive" that mass attracts mass.

When we have such technology, we will be able to:
> Travel to Mars in 3 days time, at 8.91 m/s (1G) constant acceleration halfway there, followed by constant 1G deceleration.
> Create Star-Trek like Tractor/Repulsor Beams using Tired Light Lenses.
> Colonize a limitless number of Galaxies over thousands of years, and ultimately become an Immortal Species (a species that never dies).

--- S.J. Roddy
Columbus, Ohio
Space Exploration, BASIC Programming Language, DIY


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