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Perspective - COSTPI is an acronym that I completely made up (or at least the meaning behind the letters). It stands for cancer of society through pessimistic induction. To me, MGTOW is using inductive reasoning and risk assessment (which could be interpreted as pesimissm) to accept the cold hard realities about our life, our happiness, women, and societal expectation. Society will inevitably view men like us as cancerous because both their strength and survival depends on men complying, working hard, and not questioning societal dogmas and undelivered promises. They expect altruism from men and instead of rewarding us, they continue to use us like herds of expendable cattle rotating the engine of progress. They do all of it by dangling a carrot in front of us. This carrot can come in the form of money, success, women, or power but in the end it is a delusion. Accepting that it is a delusion is the first step to waking up. Taking the red pill is comparable to the scientific revolution of geocentrism to heliocentrism. It is a complete paradigm shift about reality and the nature of humans.

Biography - I am an undergraduate majoring in biology. My ultimate goal is to study medicine and eventually oncology. I am not a very social person and people generally have trouble understanding where my ideas come from. If I were to summarize the rest about myself, I would say that I am an introverted nerd who likes unconventional things.
Classica and new age music, tertiary science articles, concept maps, guitar, books, tv,gaming etc
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