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    Re: Censored by Cowards

    I understand. It's good to have a few bad examples on hand. Making, or witnessing, mistakes is how we learn after all.

    It's a matter of

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    Re: Censored by Cowards

    Oh, Prokopton2, we are going to masticate on this for a short while! I want lurkers like him to get a good grasp of our site and our expectations!

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    Re: Tired of Nosy Bastards

    I try to be "nice" but it always backfires. People take advantage of me cause they want compliance. If someone is crossing boundaries then I'll

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    Re: Hello, I am kor

    ^^^(please answer each question, blue or red...)

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    Re: Hello, I am kor

    Hi Koragoth,

    I've moved your thread to our New Member Intros subforum. Here's two questions that I use to help establish where new registrants

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