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    Re: Other's may hate you

    That's exactly it. All those male serial killers -- Ted Bundy, Rodney Acala, Richard Ramirez -- every one of them suffered some kind of abuse when they

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    Two bleeding hearts in the street bleeding on one another. WOKE devouring WOKE

    I don't like posting videos as a major part of my input or the drama that accompanies them, but this one I started psychoanalyzing midstream and made

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    Re: Who Do You Guys Idolize Real Or Fiction?

    But it's the flaws that give them character and a platform we can relate to!

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    Re: OwenWentFullMGTOW

    That's racist! Ha ha, just kidding, but really it is! Think about it...

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    Re: Glowies Fragging Glowies

    Aren't people that firebomb considered terrorists? After all, nothing is more terrorizing than the prospects of being burned alive. They are a danger

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