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    Re: Movie review "The Creepy Line"

    In general I tend not to watch such things, for they are mostly telling me what I already know and/or providing disinformation.
    I use my own brain,

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    Re: Romper room?

    Here is my considered and high-effort contribution to the Romper Room; a list of important terms to know in this day and age:

    • Roastie
    • Beef

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    Hyaku Shiki

    Re: Romper room?

    romper room was an old kids show. i only remember some lady holding up a magic mirror and saying, "i see jenny and bob and ...". bitch never

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    Hyaku Shiki

    Re: MGTOW are woman haters!

    i don't hate anyone based on how they were born, but by their choices and actions. even then, it would take a lot for me to say i hate someone and really

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    Re: MGTOW are woman haters!

    What keeps them up at night is all the self inflicted drama, loneliness, uncertainty, MPS, menopause, and an entire world of things to hate and obsess

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