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    sam luis obispo

    Re: What madness is this?

    Are you sure she wasn't doing a "dine and dash?"

    If you hadn't bought her an expensive meal or drinks, her bolting after 15 minutes

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    sam luis obispo

    Re: Advice NEEDED again.

    Wait until you have both contracts in hand.

    Legally and morally, you don't really have a contract, a binding obligation, until you sign

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    sam luis obispo

    Re: Men Say They're Going To Mexico To Escape #MeToo

    1. I recommend against brining your car. To drive in Mexico, you need Mexican auto insurance, your US insurance will probably not cover you, and may not

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    Re: Advice NEEDED again.

    Hmm... how will you feel ongoing if you accept the first lower-paying job that you could have had £5000 more? Will you have regret? At each payday, will

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    Re: Advice NEEDED again.

    Be straight forward with them and tell them it's an extra £8500, and see if they'll mach that! It's just numbers anyway, what's a few more? The government

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