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    Re: How do we protect ourselves from inflation?

    I agree, never attempt to do what I did. Basically one day, I decided to put all my eggs into Crypto (uh yeah, you heard me right, my life savings, which

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    Re: Why do men marry ugly women?

    Like I responded to a similar question elsewhere on this site men will marry ugly broads typically for just a couple of reasons. Reason #1 is that he

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    Re: Reddit has banned the MGTOW subreddit

    I'm also a Reddit Refugee. Felt like we were evicted all of a sudden. Had nowhere to go. Nobody to talk to. No "safe space" lol. I mean, in

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    Re: Daily dose of Vitamin S(mile)

    My 3 favourite things are eating my girlfriend and not using commas.

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    Re: Fugly chicks with good looking dudes

    I too know of several men who've married ham-beasts. Can't figure it out myself. One of them is extremely Beta though and has been struggling through

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