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    Re: Why do we post?

    I think this is how most people end up feeling frustrated. But this is because they don't really know how to deal with feelings of hatred. What I originally

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    Re: Veganism's Influence of Social Relationships.

    Quite right about that sir. I have often advocated that no one MGTOW should try and 'recruit' others to the MGTOW cause. MGTOW is simply taking care

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    Natural Born MGTOW

    Re: Why do we post?

    Hi Prophet

    I needed to quote you on this

    Our right to freedom of speech is under attack for some time now and

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    Prophet of Truth

    Re: Why do we post?

    Well, we post to communicate our thoughts and experiences to anybody that will read it. It is a way of getting our "voices" heard. The purpose

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    Re: So I guess this is mandatory, we'll see how it goes.

    Throw in "anger management"...

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