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    Re: Expat Ideas

    With regards the Polish, I have no knowledge about what it is like to live there but many came to Ireland during our boom years before the 2008 recession

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    Re: Expat Ideas

    The problem I have with Asia, and I think this is universal, is that they won't allow foreigners to own property. I know this is true for the Philippians.

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    Re: Expat Ideas

    I agree with his mindset of cleaning up any circumstances before you move on, it's why I pay my out-of-state or out-of-country traffic tickets and fines,

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    Re: Expat Ideas

    My info is older than dirt, but some of it might still be good. The Army gives draftees a dream sheet asking where we'd like to be stationed, but it's

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    Re: Expat Ideas

    Seems like one of our MODS is heading out to Nam:

    The Plan-MGTOW

    As he plans to document his journey maybe this

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