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    ManWomanMyth has returned

    I just saw a vid by TFM who found out that ManWomanMyth has returned. Well, sort of...

    He has had a brain injury. TFM stated that he tried

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    Azure Nomad

    Re: An example of gynocentric indoctrination

    Point #5 is the thinking of the blue pill main stream way.

    Lust, love and share values are categorized to be different. However, as we know

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    Azure Nomad

    Re: Covid19 and MGTOW

    Honestly 3d printing is going to take off where everyone buys their own 3d printer. Maybe it is too soon as that is another ten years away but I think

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    Re: Covid19 and MGTOW

    I had thoughts along this line as well. In my original post, I chose to focus on how being highly interlinked can affect the individual and the local

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    Re: Knock Knock. Who's there? Not a Thot.

    I was married to a virus and a cold. Then, I sold my house and moved in with a plague. Now I'm broke and living with relatives. Yeah, dumb chicks with

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