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    Re: Intro requirements

    I don't think we want to be 100% sure of the future of new or even existing members, nobody can call that one.

    Asking questions like 'Do

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    Re: International Feminism

    Yes. Yes I am and I make no bones about it. When dealing with assholes like this you have two choices: get annoyed or see them for the stupid fucks they

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    A Ghost With The Blues

    When first asked if I had any tips for successful ghosting among blue pillers I have to admit I was slightly flummoxed. Believe it or not I simply hadn’t

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    Re: Intro requirements

    It's strange to be on this side of the fence, after cursing all those chest thumping idiots who did need banned. But I still think we've swung to far

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    Re: Things You See At The Top: Feminist Woman Calls Pile Of Crap "Artwork", Successfully Sells It For $225K

    "I ate some fruit loops and vomited them all over the canvas for feminism. Give me money!"

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