• The Red Pill Isn't About "What We’ve Lost"

    We've spent a fair amount of bandwidth on the idea that "the Red Pill can't bring back what we've lost." I think the the idea of what we've gained from the Red Pill is more important than this supposed "loss."

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    In my opinion, this is not a true redpil article, it is more of a game article. It sounds like someone is beginning to realise how futile gaming and 'being alpha' is. It's an account of how disappointing this realization is, that all of the time, effort, learning of technique and seeking validation from women amounts to nothing.
    Excellent. This is the same feeling I get from it ... and I say "feeling" because I think there's more of feelings than of thought in the article. Raywolf, the original author, is palpably grieving for his idea of some "idyllic past" that (in his conception) was "riven away" from him by the side effects of the "Red Pill." And, like all too many people who act thoughtlessly, he aims at the wrong target - at the message, not the actions and the situation that the message describes.

    In the Society of the past, people were no more (or less) dependent on others, but they operated in a smaller sphere. Life was in the tribal band, or in the village and its surroundings, or in the town or the neighborhood. For the most part, you dealt with your neighbors, and for the most part, it kept us honest ... for the most part, you courted a neighbor-girl, and her folks knew your folks, and the expectation was of a mutual fulfillment of needs, with clergy to bless the union and children to seal it. That was the age of "Love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage..."

    Let me propose a little thought-experiment: Take a few minutes to catalogue, for yourself, the inventions and systems that separate you, yourself, from the "neighborhood/village" model of yesteryear, and that thrust you into the "global village" model of today. I don't think it'll take long for it to make your head spin ... and I do believe you'll be utterly glad to live as we do now, in our "global village," virtual neighbors to the world through our MGTOW community.

    I think they have completely missed the point of the redpill but it appears with them starting to realize how much time they have wasted, they are beginning to see beyond the game. The redpill is not supposed to give us back what we have 'lost'.
    I think that, more than anything, the "redpill" perspective, the "redpill" understanding, reveals to us that we never had "what we've lost." It's all about seeing through the illusion ... of "Woman Is The Prize," of "Woman's Validation" as the ultimate goal of man, of "You're Not A Man Unless You Score With The Women," of defining your manhood by whether and where you dip your wick. It's a perspective where you see, unmistakably, that you can spend your time, resources, and life "being a dick, chasing cunts" - or "being Your Own Man, pursuing Your Own Dreams."

    You don't have to relate to the world as "One Half Searching For Your Other Half," no matter how assiduously Society promotes that sort of self-identification. You can relate as "A Complete Being, Exploring Life On Your Terms." You don't have to be Lovesick Lonely Larry. You can be Henry David Thoreau, you can be Edmund Hilary, you can be Joshua Slocum, you can Be Your Own Man.

    If you were to edit any redpill document from the point of view of a man that sought validation from women, tried to be more alpha and then became jaded and frustrated that everything they did was just fake and denying the truth, this is what you would end up with. A document that almost gets to the raw truth and then runs away due to still equating self worth to female validation.
    Still equating self worth to female validation ...

    And this is the fur-trimmed man-trap at the heart of the self-deception.

    The Red Pill can make you crouch and whinge for "what you've lost." The brilliant raw sunlight is painful to eyes that have spent their lives staring at the dim shadow-play across the back wall of Plato's cave.

    The only degree of "Man Up" I will give, is to exhort you to squint through the pain until you can see clearly - and then stand tall and stride into a bright future of your own making. For your own sake. Because it's a worthy future to be a Man Going Your Own Way.
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