• Beware the "Groupie"

    Written by jagrmeister

    The most common kind of 'groupie' is the woman who is traveling "with the band". She rides on the tour bus and is given bare minimum to survive. She then spreads her legs for the different band members. She is trading her sexuality for the status the band offers. The minute she crosses her legs and acts like a lady, the deal is off and she's thrown off the tour bus. As Ludacris so eloquently states, "If they ain't cuttin', I put 'em on foot patrol". She gets thrown off in Phoenix, Arizona and someone has to pick her up and drive her home.Can you imagine marrying anyone who debased herself by giving herself up for sweaty sex to some drunken rocker every night for weeks on end, all in exchange for a bit of validation? Of course not.

    But now let's look at what the modern Western woman has become. In a study of women on dating sites, women rate 80% of men as below average. (now one may argue that women are looking at men on dating sites, but bear in mind these are women on dating sites). I don't know that much data is needed to claim what we all know- women think they are far hotter than they actually are; this goes hand in hand with growing hypergamy, courtesy of feminism. As a result, they aim way out of their league. The reasons behind this may be subtle. In the past, women stayed back and let men approach. Male 8's, 9's, and 10's wouldn't waste time with a female 5. But in today's "empowered" world, nothing stops a woman from initiating an interaction that will be to her own detriment. If a female 5 were to straddle the male 9 at a party, and after a few drinks, that man felt this was an easy option, he'd do the deed. The female 5's self-perception now gets thrown completely out of whack. And of course, being pack animals, the 5's friends now think THEY are capable of landing a male 9 as well. Since men and society can't talk down "grrllll power" from it's delusional heights, the inevitable happens -- "groupie" women get pumped and dumped till they slam face-first into The Wall. I would say roughly 80% of Western woman function as "groupies" of high-value men; and they go after the top 20% 'rock star' men. They spread their legs for nothing but hollow validation, misconstruing male sexual interest for male value of the woman. Studies have shown that high-value men will have sex with lower value women. What they won't do is stick around.

    Now the rationalization of being a "groupie" is somewhat comical. They say they are experienced. Could you imagine a rock-band groupie saying she was "experienced" for getting taken back-door by all the members of Kiss? Now who wants an 'experienced' woman?! "She was off having fun". In other words, you were swinging for the fences, striking out, contracting STDs, throwing class out the window, learning to hate men (for the inevitable result of the man leaving; no groupie ever marries the rock star), and for this we should be willing to be the sap who drives you home from Phoenix, where you were dropped off?

    Spotting a groupie is easy. They thrill to momentary validation from an alpha; they will go out of their way to get his attention, give him compliments; even if they are ignored or mistreated, they will laugh and try again. (I make it a point never to do anything positive for "groupie women" and speak to them dismissively. Some 20% of women don't fall into this category and are worthy of respectful interaction.) Groupies tend to hang out together, polluting one another's perspective with their hunger for alpha attention and badmouthing a potential romantic interest of one of their friends, even though he's someone they actually may have a chance of forming a relationship with.

    The Groupie grows to hate men, and claims that she can't "trust" men. The Groupie is an idiot, which I assume you've gathered. There never was any trust when she spread her legs. The only thing both parties committed to is sex. The Groupie arrogantly presumed, living in her entitled make-believe world, that this would grow into respect, love, and a relationship - but of course it never could have. That alpha wasn't being a "jerk"; he was taking what was given him. It's the woman who's creating expectations where there were none. One tell-tale sign of a groupie (because she will never admit her past), is she says she doesn't "trust' good looking guys or players. No one should have to say this. It means that she played the Groupie game. There was never a lack of trust shown by men, just intentionally skewed expectations by the woman involved who chose to learn by sheer stupidity over years as opposed to being realistic which the other 20% of women did at the outset. Any woman who has a "problem with men" but is making an exception for you will eventually have a problem with you; because the problem was always her.

    Groupies are often 4's, 5's, and 6's. They can spin a 30-second interaction where the Alpha simply says "What's up Jenn" into hours of fantasy in their head. Any decent guy must be put on hold until she 'finds out what this means'. The non-groupie female has a few stable relationships and marries at 25. The groupie female has been 'accessed' by 20 different guys, is 32, and is wary of men. They are very different species.

    Some groupie remarks (BTW, a "groupie" will usually express her contempt for men as questions or as observations where the criticism is assumed to be true):

    Groupie: "Why are men afraid to commit?"
    Response: "Men are never afraid to commit to the right woman. Chances are you played the groupie to a guy out of your league. Only your delusion led you to believe there would be a relationship when any man, some women, and even a toddler could tell you it wasn't going to happen. The danger for women in not being self-aware is that men ARE self-aware. The alpha knew he was out of your league and took what you gave him. You have no reason to be surprised. If you spread your legs for a guy out of your league....it's a matter of time before you're shown off the tour bus. The bitterness you have, which now you subject other men to, you earned through your own actions and false belief system."

    Groupie will post something like this: "A real man never hurts a woman,be very careful when you make a woman cry god counts her tears..a woman came out of a mans rib not from his feet to be walked on,not from his head to be superior,but from his side to be equal,under the arm to be protected and next to the heart to be loved... "
    Response: You chose the wrong men, willfully. You created a situation where you were bound to get hurt for the simple reason you expected something that you had no reason to expect.

    Groupie: "All the men that are interested in me I'm not attracted to. All the men I want don't notice me."
    ResponseWhat if I told you they do notice you and don't care. You do understand the notion of a marketplace right? If you misperceive your own value, there will be no buyers.

    Notice non-groupie women DON'T ask these questions or make these statements. They don't have a problem with men, because they didn't create one. The best way to determine a groupie is not to ask about her past relationships or her sex life. She will lie about them. The best way to know who's a groupie is to understand her opinions on men. A well-adjusted, self-aware, non-entitled woman will have a genuinely positive attitude towards men. The groupie will be 'conflicted' about men and try to distinguish between good and bad men, she claims constantly that she's "looking for a rare nice guy, is he out there?". But of course she's not. She wants one more spin on the tour bus (and she may take it after you take her to the altar).

    Of course, there are many reasons not to date or marry a groupie. There is the psychological damage- which we've talked about on this forum (oxytocin effect, pair bonding). There is the unfounded resentment towards men which will eventually include you. Mostly, there is this sense that she has never learned. You touch the stove once, you don't do it again. She had to get third degree burns all over her body before she stayed away- and now she wants you! The Hamster is strong in the Groupie. The Hamster never dies. It is regrouping and finding a suitable victim. Will it be you?
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    1. stanmsl's Avatar
      stanmsl -
      The link to women rate 80% of men as below average has now been removed, obviously the cold hard truth is not a good way to advertise dating sites.
    1. MrWalton's Avatar
      MrWalton -
      "Notice non-groupie women DON'T ask these questions or make these statements."

      No such woman exists, today all women are groupies.
    1. mgtower's Avatar
      mgtower -
      Women have always been groupies, it's their neanderthal nature etched in their DNA. Like hens in a hen house, none remain on their own without perishing, they all return every evening to where they started, a cycle as old as time itself. They group back together like water.
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